JagranJosh guide to crack IIT JEE Exam

The articles helps the candidate in preparing right strategy for the JEE MAIN & Advanced exam. This article will help the candidate in choosing their mode of study, test series and feasible time to start preparation crack IIT JEE exam.

Created On: Nov 20, 2014 18:20 IST

JEE exam (Main & Advanced) is among the most reputed of our country. It takes persistence, patience and hard work along with the intelligence to crack this exam. “How to prepare?” is the question which always bothers the candidates as a wrong strategy may destroy their dreams. To answer this question, a survey is conducted by the Jagran Josh team at IIT – Kanpur. On the basis of that survey following tips are came out as the result which may help the candidates in their preparation.

Most feasible time to start the preparation:
"When to start preparation for JEE MAIN & Advanced?" this question always bothers the students aspiring for IITs.  Some start preparing for it from class 8th, some from class 10th, some from class 11th and some students drop a year after 12th to prepare for this exam. According to our experts and different educationists, the best time to start preparing for the JEE is from class 11th as the preparation will help you in your boards as well as in cracking the exam. Moreover a survey conducted at IIT-Kanpur by the Josh team also supports this fact.

Routine study period:
It is said that even 24 hours of a day feels very less when you start preparing for the exam like JEE MAIN or JEE Advanced. Moreover one cannot study the whole day as you need some time for your routine and necessary daily work. A routine (very important word) self study of 4-8 is more than sufficient to crack JEE exam. Above fact is based on the survey conducted by the josh team in the IIT-Kanpur where more than 80% candidates studied 4-8 hours a day to crack the JEE exam but Every candidate must keep in mind that the study should be regular and smartly done.

Mode of study:
What to study is very important but it is also preceded by another very important question i.e. “From where & how to study”. This question can be answered in a way that self study is must for a candidate and no one can crack JEE without self but coaching helps a candidate in a way that it provides the candidate environment, proper guidance, ample of study material and the competitiveness. Our survey can help a candidate in deciding his/her mode of study where most of the students in the IIT-Kanpur preferred to study in a coaching.

Previous year paper:
From 2013, exam pattern of JEE has been changed due to which it is considered that the previous year question papers of JEE will be of no importance now, but the survey conducted by our team presents an entirely different picture. According to our survey, around 50% (of the students participated in the survey) still consider the previous year question papers very important as these questions helps a student in understanding the level of questions.

Mock test series and its analysis:
"Should I join a test series or not?” is another very difficult question for JEE aspirants (Other than the questions asked in JEE exam). Some aspirants consider that joining a test series may demoralize them as if they can’t be able to score good in the exam. Some consider that the test series will help them in assessing their performance, weaker areas and help them in improving their studies. Our survey also supports the second lot of students as more than 50% of the students participated in the survey are in the favour of joining test series.  

  1. Analysis of the test series is very important as it helps a student in the following ways:
  2. All India ranking helps the candidate by predicting their competitive level among the students of all India.
  3. Areas of improvement in a particular subject.
  4. Strong subjects (This assessment helps a student in a way that he/she can start his/her JEE MAIN or Advanced exam with the strong subject which helps in gaining the confidence)
  5. Difficulty level of the questions.
  6. Type of questions need to be more focused upon (From JEE Advanced point of view).
  7. Test series creates the exam environment with the help of which candidates can cope up with the pressure in examination hall.