Job Interview: Eat and Respond

Table etiquette: It is not as simple as it seems when it comes to a job interview over a dining table

Feb 2, 2011 12:53 IST
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Job Interview: Eat and Respond
Job Interview: Eat and Respond

It is often said that adulthood is the loss of innocence. This is something you should never forget while going for a job interview. Acting impulsively and eating like a child are the last things you would like to do, more so if the interview is over the dining table! Remember to make calculated moves not just with your words but also with every movement of your limbs.

Here are a few points that will put you in good light in the eyes of your prospective boss:

  • First, turn up on time.
  • If it is a foreign specialty cuisine restaurant, it will help if you know how the dishes are pronounced. It is better than mouthing "that one" to your prospective boss.
  • Order something that is easy to eat. Shellfish or crabs may not be easy to eat.
  • Check the menu card for prices of what you are likely to order. You do not want to come across as a freeloader.
  • Do not order alcohol even if it is offered to you. Eat in moderation and do not burp please, not at least in earshot.
  • Finally, do not offer to pay the bill, but remember to thank the host for the meal.

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