6 Job Winning Tips If Your Interviewer Says ‘Your Aren’t Selected’

‘You aren’t selected,’ this may suddenly come out of the mouth of person’s mouth who is interviewing you. And you may lose your patience and get fumble while explaining your plans after rejection. Through your body language and reply, he will judge whether you are fit for job or not. Don’t shoot arrows in the dark. Get prepared if you want turn this, too, into opportunity.

Jagran Josh
Jun 6, 2017, 12:21 IST

6 Job Winning Tips If Your Interviewer Says ‘Your Aren’t Selected’

To know how to tackle if an interviewer says that you aren’t selected, keep reading the suggestions we brought here to help you to handle this mind-dogging question.

Attend This, Too, With Your Best

Most of the candidates get uncomfortable and keep mum when the interviewers ask them to explain their future plans after rejection. And the interviewers give it up after asking them for four to five times. This often leads to the rejection of candidates. Don’t show that you’ll let it go. Because, this will show either ‘you aren’t interested for the job’ or ‘you are unable to handle this rejection.’ Handle yourself with patience. Keeping your face smiling and continue talking with Interviewer. Confident should be reflected into your posture, attitude, facial expression and way of talking.

Keep Your Enthusiasm And Eagerness Alive At Every Moment Of The Interview

Candidates become inattentive, ignorant, and unconcerned with what an interviewer says after asking them ‘what if you aren’t selected.’ They begin getting bored and begin looking for opportunity to get out of the interviewers’ room. This shows that you are unable to face problems and began turning face away from the problem. This also causes rejection of the candidates on several occasions. Don’t show that you want wind up the talk that is taking place between you and the interviewer.

Show Your Interest In The Organisation

Despite having no answer of ‘what if you aren’t selected,’ most of the interviewers select those candidates who show their interest and ambition to join the organisation. This is because of their determination, loyalty, and willingness that build the interviewers’ confidence in the candidate. On another hand, the candidates face rejection when they don’t show their interest for the job.

Keep yourself Calm, Composed And Cool

Suppose, your interviewer asks you that what you will do if he reject you. And you begin fuming and lose balance on what you are saying and how you are communicating your point.  Even get bitter while interacting with the interviewer. It not only shows your unprofessional behaviour but also your uncivilised attitude for the rejection. It’s is against the professionalism. So, never get angry, bitter and unprofessional. Keep yourself calm, composed, and cool.

Prove Your Worth Before Interviewer

The candidates begin staggering in their replies when the interviewer asks them what if you aren’t selected.  They give up and don’t mention their work experience, past achievement, work experiences, expertise, advantages, and some others feature they have. And the interviewers get confused with ability of the candidate. In the state confusion, he/she ends the interview with the rejection of the candidate. Face this mostly asked question with patience and prove your worth before your interviewer.

Frame Your Reply Like This

•  I think, my performance was good enough (if you really did). I’ll introspect myself if i am not selected. And I’ll check for the areas where I really need to work. After the complete preparation, i will again join you to get selected for the job.
•  You have to interact with interviewer using buttery words, even if you are not interested in that organisation. They like only positive attitude of the candidate. So, don’t be negative even for a moment.   
•  I have prepared so much for my dream company. It’s one of them. Please tell me the reason if i am not getting selected. I’ll get prepare, eliminating the shortcomings and will again make efforts to join my job.  


The interviewers who conducts the pre-selection screening of the candidate always try find out whether the candidate is fit for the job or not. He puts out several questions. It may be critical, complex, statistical, analytical, and of course, annoying for the candidate. In the course of interview, candidates need to be calm, composed, attentive, and of course, interested so that they can tackle each and every upcoming challenge effectively. Here we tried to suggest the smart way to reply most annoying job interview question.

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