Keeping in touch with school friends while in college

College life is challenging and tough. Here are some tips to remain in contact with friend despite the new and different lives you both are now pursing.

Feb 4, 2020, 17:51 IST
Keeping in touch with school friends while in college
Keeping in touch with school friends while in college

Starting your life as a college student for most of us means a life away from home. We leave behind familiar surroundings, the comfort of home, our parents and our friends. Friendships formed in school are very special bonds as some of them are the ones that have lasted for as long as we can remember. There are people with whom we have shared every moment of our lives right from the kindergarten to the last year of high school. But nowthat we are parting ways as we would move on to different colleges does that mean that it is the end of a beautiful relationship? No, surely not. Good friends are hard to find and people who have stuck with you for all these years, who know you better than your own self too are very hard to find, one should never let go of them. But college life is no piece of cake, it is hard and challenging. Among the load of coursework and the extra-curricular, it is hard to find time for your ownself let alone for friends. But as we all know communication is the key to the continuation of any relationship. Moreover, the biggest fear that most students have when going to college is to lose touch with their school friends. But in this modern era where the world itself has become a global village it is far easier to remain in contact with people close to you than it ever was even in the times of our parents. So, cheer up friends, for we have brought to you some tips on how to stay in touch with school friends when in college.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the biggest gift of the internet to the youngsters in this era. Social networking sites help you stay connected with your friends on the go. Websites like Facebook and Instagram help people stay connected and be a part of the life of their loved ones even if they are not in constant touch. People today post almost every important moment of their lives on these social media sites from checking in to a hotel while on vacation to posting pictures of partying with friends. Or even some random click on a regular day in college. Your friend’s likes and comments on these posts tell you that they are connected and aware your daily life events.

Video Calling

Another great way to stay in touch with friends is video calling. Social media updates, emails, chats nothing beats the charm of a face to face interaction with your friends. The chance to tease them and see their reactions live than in the form of some emoji is the best thing. And video chats allow you to do just that, facetime, google duo or skype even WhatsApp video calling these apps have made our lives a lot easier. Video calls also allow for you to show your new room and college campus to your friends. It’s a lot more fun than chatting and imagining the mood and the reactions of your friends in your mind as based on their words. 

Connect over holiday breaks

Some of you might be lucky enough to have colleges in the same city but not all of us have the same luck. Chances are both you and your friend might end up in the opposite corners of the country or one of you might go abroad for higher studies. Staying in connect with your friends during such situation becomes a little tricky as when you are busy with college work. So, the best way to connect with friends who live far away is to hang out during the holiday season. Most of the students come home during the long holiday breaks and no matter how tight your schedule is during these breaks you can always take out a few hours to meet up with old friends.

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Be Understanding

Last but not the least it is very important to be understanding of your friend’s new life. You are now living different lives and are no longer in high school where you shared every moment of life. In college, you have different workloads and other activities that you pursue. Not all of you might have the same schedule or free time to chat and respond actively to your friend’s messages. If your friendsare not as involved and interactive as they were before, do not feel neglected and left out. Be understanding and accepting of the fact that your life has changed and where you might not be there for each other every moment but they will be there for you in times of your difficulties and whenever you need them the most. `

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In Summation

As you move on ahead in life things will get more complicated and time taking. You’ll find yourself with less and less time for both your own self and your loved ones. But always be careful to stay in contact with them try to take out a few minutes here and there to simply even text your friends if unable to call. Try to make a schedule and get together once a while like every quarter or so. It will help you make your bonds last forever not just in college but even long after that.

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