Interview Tips: What is a Personality Profile Psychometric Test?

Personality Profile Psychometric Test.  You have been called for an interview where there will be a Personality Profile Psychometric Test. Understand this test and what does it tell the employer.

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पर्सनालिटी प्रोफाइल साइकोमेट्रिक टेस्ट
पर्सनालिटी प्रोफाइल साइकोमेट्रिक टेस्ट

What is a Personality Profile Psychometric Test?

A  Personality Profile Tests comes under the category of Psychometric Test.  The Personality Profile Tests are designed to help the employer dissect whether you have the ability to meet the requirements or the skills required for the job.   The employer typically looks for behaviours that are important in a job profile.   This also helps the employer understand your personality traits.


How long are Psychometric Personality Profile Tests

The length of a personality test varies by employer.  Some personality tests are very short while others are quite long.  Some may have 10 -12 questions while others may have more than 200 questions.  

The length of the test depends on the what the interviewers are looking for.  Typically the more senior the job, the longer the test will be.


Are there right or wrong answers in a Psychometric Personality Profile Tests

There are no right or wrong answers in a personality test.  In answering questions for a personality test, go with your gut feeling - or the first answer that comes to your mind.  Cheating will not help here since if your personality traits do not match those of the requirements of the job, either you or your employer will be unhappy even if you get the job.

Normally the questions are set against a time limit so that you give instinctive answers and do not think too much about the questions.


Some popular personality tests

There are thousands of types of personality tests.  Two very popular personality tests are the

  • Myers - Briggs
  • Firo - B



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