Last Minute Preparations: Your Guide to a Healthy Mind

Your health is one of the most neglected aspects during the time of preparations. Students fail to understand the origin of their lack of concentration, but the solution is right under their nose; what they eat can actually lead to the body and brain being nourished well and their concentration and focus will definitely improve. Here is an article for you to actually practice a healthy lifestyle during the time of preparations…

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Health is perhaps one of the most compromised factors as the days draw nearer to the examinations. It is very difficult for students both living with parents and on their own to take care of their body needs and at the same time concentrate on their studies. It could be tougher for the ones on their own to attend to their health. However they should understand the simple mechanism, that if they are unable to keep the body functioning well the brain will not be functioning well either.

Hence it is always important to keep your body requirements in mind and make sure that one is not vulnerable to the common cold or other mischievous sicknesses which can pull back a person and stop him from putting in his best. Here is a list of things one should understand and practice to stay healthy throughout preparation period

Look After Yourself

When a person is preparing for an examination, his mind undergoes a lot of pressure and one must accordingly alter his lifestyle to support this extra pressure added on to his brain. The eating habits, sleeping patterns, your life style in totality need to change for the better, to support this added pressure on to your brain. One must be well rested and well nourished when preparing for the examinations. Plenty of fluids in the morning and a healthy breakfast are a common recommendation by many experts in this field,

Eating Habits: one is aware that the body utilizes the glucose to produce energy for the brain and the body, proteins forms the complex building blocks of the body and brain and water helps in positive circulation. When our brain under goes high stress situations the body utilizes more glucose and proteins than the normal rate. Hence it is always advisable to stack up more on food rich in glucose and proteins. One should always eat wise so the body is able to use the right nutrition’s to stay active.

Glucose: many a time’s people confuse themselves on what actually to consume. A lot of time people, mistake the food to be rich in something it is not. Hence, people should be careful with what they stack up, in their refrigerators because what they consume generally is going to show in their performance. Some rich glucose containing food products are bananas, bread, peanut butter, and the list can go on. Coffee should be gradually cut down upon because it does not help.

It is always advisable to eat small portions instead of going for the more common three whole meals as the small portions will help your body stay more awake then the latter that can get you lethargic. We should also keep our body well flushed and drink fluids at all times

Sleep: this is another factor that is compromised upon by many of the students during the time of preparations. If we do not get a minimum of 6-8 hrs of sleep our body is unable to recover from the last days stress and this can lead to raised level of stress. One must always get his desired sleep to be fresh and be awake the entire day. One must remember that sleep is extremely important for the body and that lack of sleep will not only show on your face but also eventually on your performance.The fresher and more energetic one feels the better is his learning abilities.

Night Study

This happens to be a debatable topic with many proclaiming that they spend the entire night studying. They believe that when the entire world sleeps they can concentrate better since no one can disturb them. However this is wrong. One can study late into the night but they require their much needed sleep. Sleep is an important factor in progress and reversing your lifestyle does not help. Sleeping throughout the day and studying at night will only hamper the body and also your preparations. One must also remember that examinations are always held during the day hence, a student practicing such erratic lifestyle will face difficulties while actually sitting for his examinations.

Take Breaks

In spite of heavy schedules, time tables and time crunch, one must always keep time for breaks. He should always leave time to unwind when required the most. Quick relaxing techniques will not only help you to unwind and relax but also open you up to a new surge of energy to proceed and complete the remaining part of the syllabus. It is extremely important to take breaks.

Treat Yourself

You should treat yourself. One must never be too hard on himself as this way one is not able to get far. There could be an increase in productivity but that is at an initial level, once the body and the mind gets used to the repeated exploitation with less or no rewards it is automatically going to shut down and any preparation after that is futile. Hence it is always important to accordingly treat yourself. However one should remember that you cannot over indulge in treating yourself, you need to earn it. You need to accomplish something to actually treat yourself. Watching television, listening to the radio or even playing on your computer count as rewards

Quality Time

It is always good to have friends over. Friends’ does not only lighten up the mood but also leave room for a quick revision of your syllabus. Dates and events seem more fun and easy to revise when you’re being tested by your friends then actually peeping into the text book. Quizzes and question answer rounds are a fun way of revising with friends.

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One must remember that the body needs to be taken care of if the brain needs to be stressed upon. As one will often be heard saying a healthy body often leads to a healthy mind.

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