Last Minute Preparations: Your Path to Success

It is that time of the year when studying takes a back seat and revision is on everyone’s mind. Here are a few last minute techniques to not only pull you through the crucial last days but also give you the much needed extra edge to  outshine yourself and your competitors...

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The time of the year has come when all studying ideally cease to exist and students move up to revising their syllabus. As more and more students gear up to appear for the various examinations, there is a prevailing air of nervousness and tension. While new records need to be set and old ones broken there is also a growing nervousness on the performance potential of students. While every student wants to give in his best however, one needs to practice the correct methods to direct his potential in actually performing his best.

We all as individuals are different and have different learning techniques, all such techniques does not necessarily have to affect all individuals at par, however there are certain learning styles that have been tried and tested and proved to be beneficial in nature, here are a few expert tips on last minute studying

Do Not Panic

However tough the challenge may look, never leave room for panic or anxiety to creep inside your head. One must always remember that any feeling of anxiety or panic will only numb ones senses to perform well. One should be focused to only perform in the present; he should not worry about the outcome. Doubting oneself can lead to lack of confidence, conviction and self belief, and this should not be the case here. One should shrug aside negative feelings and give in his best.


One should always practice positivity. A positive attitude can bring about the best from within us. So despite the time you have till the examinations, you should always have in mind there is immense scope from your end to perform well, all u need to do is believe in yourself. Stress does not need to be negative in nature; the right amount of stress can work as a driving force for us to perform well in our examinations’. It is pretty much a proven fact that when the level of stress increases our capacity to cram increases, however one should remember that cramming ability is different to that of our learning ability.

Use Stress Positively

Positive stress in measured levels is actually considered good, because it helps in keeping the body and the mind charged at all times. The body as well as the mind tends to feel lethargic, this can be avoided with the presence of positive stress as the person is under pressure to perform. One should allow stress to act as a positive power that will help individuals to focus, concentrate and be determined to perform exceedingly well in the examinations’. However one should not allow stress to overpower oneself.

Stretch But do not Overdo It

Another important factor that must be kept in our mind while we are preparing for our last minute preparations is that we tend to put in a lot of extra hours into studying. One must be careful, as stressing the body and the mind can be seen as perfectly normal but only till one does not exceed the limits. It is possible that one exceeds its limits and neglects the signs our body tries to show us. If ignored for long our bodies could be fatigued and may give up.

Don’t Despair

Several times we tend to suffer from cold feet and get nervous and tend to believe that we are not prepared for the final day. All the days that has led to the main day simply looks a waste. Whenever one gets a feeling like this one should simply believe that even if u are under prepared you can do a lot with the short time u have left on you. Chapter summaries, notes and underline text can help in last minute preparations. However, one should not fret much because it is just his nervousness getting the better of him.  


When we sit to revise it is important we prioritize our subjects.  Prioritize what u have to study based on the importance on applications subjects, theories and practical’s. One should prioritize as per ones requirement and accordingly importance should be disturbed among the subjects. It is important to note that equal priority cannot be dealt out to every subject hence it is important that one prepares the list keeping the tough subjects in mind. If he wishes to succeed

Clock Work

Clock work is another important aspect that should be kept in mind. One must not spend hours answering a particular segment and then leave very less time for completing the rest of the paper. It is always advisable for students to uniformly distribute time throughout the paper. One should always allocate time to thoroughly read the question paper, solve the question paper and revise the paper before actually submitting it.

How To Answer

How to answer a question paper is equally important as to how one prepares for it. While many students feels the need to fill pages after pages for more marks, however that should not be the attitude of the students, neither short phrases make up point wise answering system. Students should ask their teachers on sample answer styles. They should be able to provide apt answers for every question and not spend hours on its length. In an examination the teachers are unable to see the amount of knowledge u come in to the hall with, all they have to judge you is with the paper you submit. Hence it is extremely important for you to be concise in your writing, interesting and to the point in your answers so that the teacher is able to judge you with the paper.

For Last Minute Revision Techniques, Click Here

The moment an examination is over it is important to swiftly move on to the next one. Once an exam is over it is important not to dwell on how the exam has been but moreover move on to focusing on the next one. It is important to stay positive and focused and prepare to outperform one self in the next examinations.

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