Latest trends in resume writing for college students

Struggling to write a prefect resume for to land your dream job? Find the answer to your queries with these tips on latest trends in resume writing.

May 1, 2020, 12:49 IST
Latest trends in resume writing
Latest trends in resume writing

The art of making a good resume is an essential skill for the final year students in colleges to have. One of the biggest challenges that fresh college grads experiences is what to put and what not to put on their resume. But they themselves waste away a lot precious time enjoying the newly found freedom of college life. Doing internships and volunteer programs are usually absent on the priority lists of the first and second year students in college.

What they fail to comprehend is that in the highly competitive job market of today they need to stand out from the crowd. And to do that they need to have something more than just academic qualifications on their resume. Thus, struggling later on to with what to showcase in their resumes. Internships, volunteer work, participating in college events or holding position in student council are some of the activities that can help them make their resume shine and stand apart from their peers. But that is not where the work ends, when you have a good set of achievements and experience to put on your resume you also need to present it nicely. Otherwise there is a highly likely chance that your resume will go unnoticed by the employer. Here are some tips and tricks on the latest resume trend to help you get your resume noticed in the first go.

Professionally Prepared Resumes

Make sure that your resume looks professional. It should not have a cluttered look. Try to be as informative as you can, but also concise. Put only relevant information. There might be instances where you'd have to prepare different resumes for applying for two different companies or even for different job descriptions. For some of your achievements and experiences would be suitable for one and some for the other. Also keep in mind the industry that you are applying for like for computer science grads and infographic resume format might look better and for graphic designers and more creative and abstract resume format may do better.

Include Soft Skills

Your resume may be full of academic achievements and you might have an experience of interning with the best companies in your field but none of it may matter if your personality is not appealing to the employer. Today the interviewers are no longer looking just for the core skills in their  prospective candidates. They also consider the personality traits of the candidates. Thus, make sure to include in some soft skills on your resume.    

Social Media Accounts

A lot of employers today prefer to scan the social media profiles of their prospective candidates. You might have set your profile to friends only or private settings but the activities and the posts you make on third party accounts are not private. Employers try to gauze your personality by the means of scanning your public social media feeds. Also, having an active presence of LinkedIn, a professional social media network adds to your personality.

Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Digital resumes are the latest trend in the resume market. Having an online portfolio adds a lot to your application. The shareability of your resumes and portfolio will be one of the major changes that would be seen in the upcoming resume trends. Taking advantage of this rising trend you can save your resumes in the 'pdf' file format thus, ensuring that your resume layout is displayed to the employer just the way you want.

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Some other important points to keep in mind

Have a balanced design

 Make sure the resume format you pick complements your content. A lot of present resume formats are available online you can easily pick the one that suits your style. You will find various formats based on your job profile and even differing based on the designation you are applying for in the same job. Have unique layout that highlights your skills and achievements.

List down only relevant experience details

Focus only on experience relevant to the job profile you are applying for. Don't go on to list everything it is of no use and only confuses the interviewer regarding your compatibility for the job.        

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Make use of infographics

Don't just write down all the details in your resume. If possible try to show them visually. Make use of infographics such as tables and graphs to make your resume more visually appealing . Make good use of white spaces to add visual cues to your resume.

Make a clean and concise resume

Your resume should not look cluttered or very heavy to read. Make sure that you avoid the use of jagrons or complicated terms. Try to keep your resume short, convey all that you want to in short, clear and crisp sentences.

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Use the right kind of font

A lot places you'd read that you should use 'Arial', 'Times New Roman', 'Helvetica' and other such professional looking fonts in your resumes. That's no longer true, use of these fonts in resume is now outdated. Better make use of fonts like 'Calibri' or 'Cambria' instead. You may choose any font that you want to but just keep in mind that it is easy to read.

Avoid Writing Objective

Writing an objective section is no longer a valuable addition to your resume. You might as well replace it with a professional or career summary and in case of students you can mention your academic achievements or your internship experiences. Like the skills you gained from your internships etc. 

Keep these simple, easy to follow tips in your mind while revising your resume next time. The most critical element when making a resume is to design it in a way that it get's noticed. The points mentioned above will help you in just that. For more such interesting articles on tips for resume writing and other stuff on college life please visit, Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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