Leadership Skills: Why it's important to develop them in college

Why students should work on building their leadership skills in college

Sep 30, 2020, 18:00 IST
Leadership Skills: Why it's important to develop them in college
Leadership Skills: Why it's important to develop them in college

Leadership qualities have become a must-have for anyone to succeed in the highly competitive workplaces of today. For anyone who wishes to move ahead in their career and want a promotion or move to higher position they need to depict good leadership qualities. For as a leader, you are not only responsible for your actions but also of those working for you.

For example, suppose an employee under you isn't working properly the question would not be raised at just him but also at your ability to handle people under you. Also, there are certain qualities and things that a good leaders must demonstrate such as specific behaviors, attitudes, skills etc that act as an inspiration and benchmark for those under them.

However, a lot of these leadership skills and attributes can be developed in college only, i.e. before you step out into the professional world. Hence, in this article, we have mentioned some reasons as to why one should focus on developing leadership skills whilst in college.

1) Helps Develop a Sense of Responsibility

There are a lot of group projects and assignment wherein a group of students comes together to complete a set of tasks. And conflicts often arise in such situations when the opinions or suggestions or two or more students don't match. Having a group leader in such scenarios is quite effective as he/she is someone who's world shall have the final and he has to consider every parameter before taking the final call. Such instances help one develop the understanding and also accept the fact they have responsibilities and their failure at carrying them out effectively will affect a wide range of people. They are no longer responsible just for themselves but also for those working in his team. And if someone in the group is failing they must understand the reason behind it and try to solve the problem with as little conflict as possible.

2) Helps Build Confidence

A leader must always have confidence in his abilities, unless and until you are confident in yourself you cannot inspire others around you. And college is a great place to build your confidence. There are a lot of activities that you can participate in to develop your confidence such as take up posts in student government or you could head a campus organization. If you are interested in sports you could try for the post of the captain in your sport. Such things will teach you to work in collaboration with others and if you are the leader in the group then it will also inculcate leadership qualities within you.

3) You are Learning to Network

As a leader, you will need to have networking abilities. Networking is one essential characteristic of a leader. And what better place than college to try and build your networking and thus sharpening your networking skills. Also, all the people that you connect with in college come in quite handy later on in your professional life. No network that you build is useless, somewhere, sometime you might need help from a person you connected with while in college be it your mentors, batch-mates, industry professionals every connection made is useful for you. And as a part of the student government or the president of some student organization you get far many opportunities at networking than an average college student.

4) Sharpen Your Problem-Solving Skills

Problem Solving is one of the main attributes that any leader should exhibit. After all, our life presents us with one challenge after another be in school, college or our professional life. The only thing that changes is the difficulty level of them but once you overcome them so does your hesitation at taking them head on the next time they arise. Fortunately, college life is an ocean of problems and challenges that one has to overcome on an almost daily basis. And as a leader you are responsible not just for your problems but also have to deal and present a solution to the problems of those working with you. And college is the perfect place to hone your problem-solving skills in a situation somewhat similar to what you'll find in the professional environment of workplaces.


5) A Leader Must Be Able To Inspire

As a leader you must be able to inspire others. You must be able to communicate with your team in a manner where they feel inspired to work hard and achieve their true potential at work. If you are able to inspire such feeling in your friends in college chances are you'll carry forward the trait with you when you step out in the professional world. Also, taking up leadership roles in college will help you familiarize yourself with the situations wherein you'll have to address big groups of people and you'll be confident enough in your ability to do so.

6) Empower Up Your Resume

When you take up leadership roles in college and produce good results you can also include those experiences on your resume that you'd be showing to your future employers. Such mentions can add a lot of value to your profile and leave a good impression on the employer. Most companies are looking for people who are responsible and dependable and what better person there could be than someone who depicts leadership qualities. It gives you an edge over other candidates in consideration increasing your chances of getting hired.

7) Become Familiar with Being Recognized

If you are hoping to become a recognized face as a leader in the professional world then first you need to learn to handle the pressure that comes with it. People will come to you with various problems expecting for you to provide extraordinary solutions and sometimes even solve the problem with a flick of a magic wand. As a leader, you'll have to learn to condition yourself to the pressures that you'd be facing on an everyday basis. You'll be responsible for every small failure or mishap at the part of your organization hence you'll have to learn to be able to deal with such situation with a calm mind and not lose your temper.

To Conclude,

Hope the above-mentioned points will help you understand the importance of developing and building leadership skills in college. For when learning things for the first time we all are bound to make mistakes and each one of them teaches something new. But, there is no scope for making stupid mistakes in a professional environment where there's so much at stake. Hence, the college provides the best ground for us to hone our skills, make mistakes and learn from them and finally perfect the desired skills.

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