Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023: Download the latest PDF

Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023: In this article, we have provided Maharashtra Board class 12th Syllabus for Mathematics and Statistics subject. Moreover, students can download this syllabus in PDF for using it offline.


Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023
Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023

Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023: Maharashtra State Board of Education has published the latest Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus for Higher Secondary Level students in Class 12th. This Mathematics subject syllabus with subject code 40 is for both Arts and Science students.

View the syllabus below and download it from the link provided in the end:

There will be only one paper for the subject of total 100 marks and the weightage is as given below –

  • Theory paper – 80 marks
  • Practical/Viva– 20 marks

Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023 for Class 12th



Part 1

Chapter 1 –Mathematical Logic

Chapter 2 –Matrices

Chapter 3 –Trigonometric functions

Chapter 4 –Pair of straight lines

Chapter 5 –Circle

Chapter 6 –Conics

Chapter 7 –Vectors

Chapter 8–Three dimensional geometry

Chapter 9 –Line

Chapter 10 –Plane

Chapter 11–Linear programming problems

Part 2

Chapter 1 – Continuity

Chapter 2 – Differentiation

Chapter 3 – Applications of derivative

Chapter 4 – Integration

Chapter 5– Applications of definite integral

Chapter 6 – Differential equation

Chapter 7 – Statistics

Chapter 8 – Probability distribution

Chapter 9 – Bernoulli trials and Binomial distribution


1. Mathematical Logic

Statements - Introduction, sentences and statement, truth value of statement, open sentences, compound statement, quantifier and quantified statements, logical connectives : conjunction, disjunction, negation, implication/ conditional, biconditional, truth tables of compound statements, examples related to real life and mathematics, statement patterns and logical equivalence - tautology, contradiction, contingency, duality, negation of compound statement, contrapositive, converse, inverse, algebra of statements-idempotent law, associative law, commutative law, distributive law, identity law, complement law, involution law, DeMorgan’s laws, difference between converse, contrapositive, contradiction, application-introduction to switching circuits (simple examples)

2. Matrices

Elementary transformation of a matrix- revision of cofactor and minor, elementary row transformation, elementary column transformation, inverse of a matrix- existence and uniqueness of inverse of a matrix, inverse by elementary transformation, adjoint method, application-solution of system of linear equations by – reduction method, inversion method.

3. Trigonometric functions

Trigonometric equations-general solution of trigonometric equation of the type : sinθ, = 0, cosθ = 0, tanθ = 0, sinθ = sinα, cosθ = cosα, tanθ = tanα, sin2θ = sin 2α, cos2θ = cos2α, tan2θ = tan2α, acosθ + bsinθ = C solution of a triangle : polar coordinates, sine rule, cosine rule, projection rule, area of a triangle, application, Hero’s formula, Napier Analogues, inverse trigonometric functions-definitions, domain, range, principle values, graphs of inverse trigonometric function, properties of inverse functions.


1. Continuity

Continuity of a function at a point : left hand limit, right hand limit, definition of continuity of a function at a point, discontinuity of a function, types of discontinuity, algebra of continuous functions, continuity in interval-definition, continuity of some standard functions-

polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic function.

2. Differentiation

Revision- revision of derivative, relationship between continuity and differentiability-left hand derivative and right hand derivative (need and concept), every differentiable function is continuous but converse is not true, Derivative of composite function-chain rule, derivative

of inverse function, derivative of inverse trigonometric function : Derivative of implicit function definition and examples, derivative of parametric function – definition of parametric function , exponential and logarithmic function- derivative of functions which are expressed in one of the following form a) product of functions, b) quotient of functions, c) higher order derivative, second order derivative

3. Applications of derivative

Geometrical application-tangent and normal at a point, Rolle's theorem, and Mean value theorem and their geometrical interpretation (without proof), derivative as a rate measure-introduction, increasing and decreasing function, approximation (without proof), Maxima and minima- introduction of extrema and extreme values, maxima and minima in a closed interval, first derivative test, second derivative test. covariance for bivariate frequency distribution, Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation.

View full part 1 and part 2 of Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023 from the pdf link below:

Download Maharashtra State Board HSC Mathematics and Statistics Syllabus 2023 PDF

The Syllabus of Maharashtra Board Class 12th Mathematics and Statistics syllabus has been designed considering the guidelines of Council of Board of School Education (COBSE) to maintain an uniformity in the science stream students who will be appearing for national level entrance exams.

The national level entrance exams are based on syllabus prescribed by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), therefore, the HSC Mathematics and Statistics has been designed on the Mathematics curriculum of NCERT.

All the best!

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