MAT Question Paper 2013: Data Analysis and Sufficiency

MAT Question Paper 2013: MAT is an examination which one can attempt without much preparation. MAT exam is conducted four times in a year. Go through MAT September 2013: Data Analysis & Sufficiency Question Paper and acquaint yourself with the examination level.

MAT Question Paper 2013 Data Analysis and Sufficiency
MAT Question Paper 2013 Data Analysis and Sufficiency

MAT is one of the most popular management entrance exam, given the fact that it is conducted four times a year by All India Management Association (AIMA). The upcoming MAT Exam will be conducted in the month of December and is scheduled to take place on 11 December 2016 (paper-based test); and 17 December 2016 (Computer-based test).

At this point of time, practicing the questions that were asked in the previous year papers is the best mode to test your preparation for the exam. So, practice MAT Solved Question Paper for the year 2013 on Data Analysis and Sufficiency.

Directions (Qs. 1 to 5): Study the following graphs to answer these questions:

The bar graph below shows the revenue generated by six banks during 2011. The pie chart shows the percentage distribution of revenue earned through different modes.

• P - Interest earned through Business Loans.

• Q - Interest earned through Home Loans.

• R - Interest earned through Personal Loans.

• S - Interest earned through Auto Loans.

• T - Interest earned through Deposits in other Financial Institutes.

• U - Charges earned through Services.

• V - Charges earned through Other Sources.

Q1. The bank that earned Rs. 104 crores as interest from home loans in 2011 is

(1) C

(2) A

(3) B

(4) D

Answer: 4

Q2. Out of the total interest earned through business loans bank A and C earn 45% from small scale industries (SST) and the rest through cottage industries (CI) whereas Band D earned 55% from SSI and the rest through CI. Which bank earns the least through any of these industries?

(1) A, through CI

(2) D, through CI

(3) A, through SSI

(4) D, through SSI

Answer: 3

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Q3. The interests earned through car (a subset of Auto loan) loan by B, D, E and F are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 3 : 4 and the total interest earned by these four banks for car loan is Rs. 36 crores. The bank that earned interest which is 8.8% of the interest earned by it through Auto loans is

(1) B

(2) D

(3) E

(4) F

Answer: 3

Solved MAT September 2011: Data Analysis & Sufficiency Paper

Q4. Banks Band F earn interest by depositing their amounts in the financial institutes X, Y and Z. B earns interest from them in the ratio 2 : 3 : 1 and F in the ratio 4 : 3 : 3. By what percent F's earning from X is more/less than B's earning from X?

(1) 28.4% more

(2) 26.13% less

(3) 28.4% less

(4) 22.13% more

Answer: 3

Q5. By what percent is the largest amount earned by a bank through U and V together more than the least amount through U and V together by any of these banks?

(1) 34.25%

(2) 52.08%

(3) 26.15%

(4) 35.42%

Answer: 2

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Direction (Q6-Q10): Study the following graph and answer these questions:

The following bar graph shows the revenues generated by three reality firms A, B and C during 2008-2012. Each of these firms builds Low Income Group (LIG) apartments, Middle Income Group (MIG) apartments, and High Income Group Apartments (HIG).

Q6. The firm A, B and C saw a rise of 15 per cent, 6 per cent and 9 per cent respectively in 2008 from 2007. Whose revenue was least in 2007?

(1) A

(2) B

(3) C

(4) Equal Revenues

Answer: 1

Q7. In the year 2010, the firms B, A and C invested Rs. 2011 crore, Rs. 1600 crore, and Rs. 2300 crore, respectively. The difference between maximum and minimum profit percent in 2000 is

(1) 38.58

(2) 53.17

(3) 14.6

(4) 51

Answer: 2

Q8. By what per cent should C increase its revenue in 2013 to make it 10 per cent more than average revenue of all the firms in 2012?

(1) 10%

(2) 11.86%

(3) 13.47%

(4) 17.34%

Answer: 3

Q9. If the profit earned by A in 2011 is 1/6th of the average of the revenues of A in 2011, B in 2009 and C in 2008, the investment of A in 2011 is:

(1) Rs. 1229 crore

(2) Rs. 1229 crore

(3) Rs. 1229 crore

(4) Rs. 1229 crore

Answer: 4

Q10. In 2009, A got 27% of its revenue through LIG housing whereas in the same year B earned 42% of its revenue through MIG housing. Both the companies spent Rs. 350 crores less than these revenues obtained. The difference in percentage profits thus earned by A and B is:

(1) 50.24%

(2) 23.6%

(3) 34.1%

(4) 15%

Answer: 1

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