MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper: Indian and Global Environment

Practice the MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper: Indian and Global Environment at It covers all the questions with an answer key with explanation as well.

MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper Indian and Global Environment
MAT September 2011 Solved Question Paper Indian and Global Environment

1. Central Advisory’ Board of Education (CABE) has decided that the provision of free and compulsory education would be extended to

(1) Class XII

(2) Class X

(3) Class VIII

(4) Class IX

2. As per International Energy Agency (IEA) report released in June 2011, greenhouse gas emissions are

(1) marginally decreased

(2) considerably decreased

(3) going up

(4) not decreasing

3. Chhattisgarh state was created in

(1) 1995

(2) 1998

(3) 2002

(4) 2000

4. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?

(1) Right against exploitation

(2) Equality before law

(3) Right to freedom of religion

(4) Equal pay for equal work

5. Which of the following is not a foreign bank operating in India?

(1) HSBC

(2) Citi Bank

(3) BNP Paribas

(4) Yes Bank

6. Any attempt to push growth above potential will only lead to inflation, but no durable growth and employment.

(1) higher

(2) low

(3) very low

(4) no change in

7. In the past one year, the manufacturing sector in India has

(1) not shown any growth

(2) shown growth

(3) doubled the growth

(4) slowed down

8. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) was launched in

(1) 2005

(2) 2008

(3) 2006

(4) 2007

9. Which company has agreed to buy the US firm Petrohawk Energy for $12.1bn (` 7.5bn) in cash giving it access to Shale gas oil assets across 1 million acres in Texas and Louisiana?

(1) Halliburton

(2) BHP Billiton

(3) Bakken Shale

(4) Marcellus

10. Which business group has emerged as a galloping enterprise with revenue of $20bn and China’s first global brand with the efforts of Chinese hero Zhang Ruimin, who has turned the failing Qingdao Refrigerator Factory into a successful brand?

(1) CIE Group

(2) Ubase China Technology

(3) Haier

(4) TEC Industrial Co.

11. Name the satellite broadcasting company headquartered in London and the largest Pay TV broadcaster from which News Corporation had to withdraw its controversial bid for the 60% shares.

(1) Channel 4

(2) British Sky Broadcasting

(3) British Broadcasting Corporation

(4) UK TV

12. Name the second largest U^ book store chain with more than ten thousand employees, which is going into liquidation after failing to receive any offers to save it from bankruptcy.

(1) Borders Group Inc.

(2) Strand Bookstores

(3) Barnes and Noble Inc.

(4) Waldenbooks Stores

13. Which 168 yr old best selling British weekly tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch had to shut down its operations amid a phone hacking scandal?

(1) News of the World

(2) The Sunday Times

(3) The Sunday Observer

(4) The Mirror

14. Which is the recently launched most ambitious social networking site by Google Inc. to compete with other such sites?

(1) Google Plus

(2) Gogoyoko

(3) Google Earth

(4) Goodwizz

15. Name the famous Hollywood Oscar winner actress who is the new Brand Ambassador of American luxury bag company ‘Coach’ which is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

(1) Sandra Bullock

(2) Gwyneth Paltrow

(3) Nicole Kidman

(4) Natalie Portman

16. Which bankrupt Canadian telecom group is selling all of its remaining patents and patent applications to a consortium of Apple Inc., EMC Corp., Ericsson, Microsoft, RIM and Sony Corp. for $ 4.5b in cash?

(1) Canada West Group

(2) Sun Telecom Group

(3) Nortel Networks Corp.

(4) Primus Telecom

17. Name the first of the seven areas, the control of which has been handed over to Afghan forces by NATO forces, a step seen as a critical step in transition of power to Afghanistan government.

(1) Central Province of Bamiyan

(2) Panjshir Province

(3) Kabul Province

(4) Heart City

18. Which country has formally recognized Transitional National Council (TNC), the rebel group of Libya, as its legitimate government potentially opening up a huge funding stream for rebels?

(1) Canada

(2) UK

(3) USA

(4) Germany

19. What is the name of Chief Executive of News International, who had to resign from the paper in the wake of phone hacking scandal, after serving it for 22 yr?

(1) Daisy Dunlop

(2) Rebekah Brooks

(3) Bert Hardy

(4) Ashley Huston

20. Which terrorist outfit has claimed the responsibility for the assassination of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai’s younger brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, calling it one of its biggest achievements?

(1) Taliban

(2) HuJI

(3) Al Qaeda

(4) LeT

21. Name the Qatar diplomat who has been appointed as the next President of United Nation’s General Assembly replacing Joseph Deiss of Switzerland.

(1) Ahmed Bin Saif Al Thani

(2) Bader Al-Dafa

(3) Nasser Bin Hamad M Al-Khalifa

(4) Nasser Abdul Aziz Al-Nasser

22. Name the person who has been sworn in as president of world’s newest nation, South Sudan, ushering in hope for peace after half century of disturbance.

(1) Gier Chuang Aluong

(2) Paul Mayom Akech

(3) Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit

(4) David Deng Athorbei

23. Against which country has the World Trade Organisation allowed the complainants EU, USA and Mexico to impose tariffs on its goods, in retaliation to its restrictions on export of its Rare Earth industrial raw materials?

(1) China

(2) Brazil

(3) India

(4) Russia

24. Name the country which is going to jointly set up a fund called ‘Tomodachi Fund’ with Japan to help the companies and individuals hit hard by natural disaster of March to rebuild their businesses.

(1) USA

(2) South Korea

(3) China

(4) Russia

25. Which of the following European Union countries has been credited to junk rating for being hopelessly debt-ridden and in dire need for second round of rescue funds?

(1) Ireland

(2) Portugal

(3) Greece

(4) All of these

26. Which among the following countries is the biggest exporter of tea?

(1) India

(2) Brazil

(3) Australia

(4) China

27. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is located in

(1) Kolkata

(2) Hyderabad

(3) New Delhi

(4) Mumbai

28. Recently, the Government has declared that MPs will now be allowed to spend upto      a year on projects in any state or UT other than the one from where they are elected.

(1) ` 30 lakh

(2) ` 20 lakh

(3) ` 10 lakh

(4) ` 40 lakh

29. In June 2011, India signed, a loan agreement with to bring in funds worth $ 1 Billon to clean the river Ganges.

(1) World Bank

(2) Asian development Bank

(3) International Monetary Fund

(4) None of the above

30. Which city in Russia known as its sports city, has been selected to hold world swimming Championship in the year 2015?

(1) Samara

(2) Kaliningrad

(3) Kazan

(4) Perm

31. Which country has won FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 for the first time after a penalty shoot-out victory over United States of America in a nail-bitting 2-2 draw match at Frankfurt?

(1) Germany

(2) France

(3) Canada

(4) Japan

32. Which country has been defeated by china in a thrilling final at Bangkok to register first ever Chinese win in PTT-E GAT Snooker World Cup 2011?

(1) Scotland

(2) Northern Ireland

(3) Wales

(4) Thailand

33. With which game will you associates ‘COPA America’- an international tournament involving 12 countries and previously known as South American Championship?

(1) Football

(2) Snooker

(3) Tennis

(4) Hockey

34. Which agency has conducted stress test on 90 European Banks to ensure they can with stand another financial crisis, in which 8 banks failed and another 16 banks were in Danger Zone?

(1) European Banking Authority (EBA)

(2) European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)

(3) European Central Bank (ECB)

(4) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

35. Daiken Industries Limited’ is originally from

(1) Malaysia

(2) Korea

(3) China

(4) Japan

36. ‘Linea’ is a car model of

(1) Fiat

(2) Skoda

(3) Maruti Suzuki

(4) Tata Motors

37. Steve Ballmer is the CEO of

(1) Google

(2) Microsoft Corp.

(3) Apple Inc.

(4) None of these

38. Which of the following in the world’s number 3 Steel Maker?

(1) Arcelor Mittal


(3) Tata Iron and Steel

(4) Jindal Steels

39. Kandla port is located in which State?

(1) Orissa

(2) Andhra Pradesh

(3) Kerala

(4) Gujarat

40. In India, internet service were opened for private corporation participation in

(1) 2000

(2) 2002

(3) 1988

(4) 1985

Answer Key

Q 1


Q 11


Q 21


Q 31


Q 2


Q 12


Q 22


Q 32


Q 3


Q 13


Q 23


Q 33


Q 4


Q 14


Q 24


Q 34


Q 5


Q 15


Q 25


Q 35


Q 6


Q 16


Q 26


Q 36


Q 7


Q 17


Q 27


Q 37


Q 8


Q 18


Q 28


Q 38


Q 9


Q 19


Q 29


Q 39


Q 10


Q 20


Q 30


Q 40


1. (2) CABE is the highest decision making body on education in the country. The right of children to free & compulsory Education Act, 2009 provides for free & compulsory education only upto primary level from class I to VIII. Now, this has been extended up to class X. This was been done to check malpractices in school.

2. (3) The Internationa] Energy Agency (IEA) reports that carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels rose to a new record level of 30.6 billion metric tons in 2010. This a 5% higher than the previom record set in 2008. Growth in China and India, accounted for a large position of the emissions growth last year.

3. (4) Chhattisgarh was created out of Madhya Pradesh and came into existence on 1st November, 2000.

4. (4) Equal pay for equal work is not a fundamental right. it is mentioned under Article 39(c) of directive principles of state policy, Rest others are fundamental rights.

5. (4) Yes bank is a foreign bank established in 2003-04 with its Headquater at Mumbai.

Other Given Banks

Country they to belong



Citi Bank


BNP Paribas


6. (1)

7. (4) The manufacturing sector, saw its annual growth fall to 8.1% in 2010-11 from 11% in the previous fiscal year (2009-10).

8. (1) NREGS, now called as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was launched in 2005. It provides for 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household, whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

9. (2) BHP Billiton Ltd has completed the acquisition of Petrohowk Energy Corporation. BHP Billiton is the third largest oil and gas producer in the world located in USA.

10. (3) In 1984, Zhang Ruimin was appointed as director of Qingdao Refrigerator Factory. The factory has since grown to become what is now known as the Haier group. Zhang Ruimin has been a famous figure in China for years for his role in building Haier into China’s hitgest electronics appliance maker.

11. (2)

12. (1)

13. (3) Rupert Murdoch is an Australian American businessman. He is the founder and chairman of New Corporation, the worlds second largest media conglomerate.

‘News of the world’ is a subsidiary of New Corporation. In July 2011, it faced the allegations that this company had been regularly hacking the phones of private citizens.

14. (1) Google recently launched its social networking site called Google Plus, Google Plus is a innovative and different approach to social networking. Google Plus has many new features and some polished features which already have in the social networking sites.

15. (2) Gwyneth Kate Paltrew is an American actress and singer.

16. (3) Nortel was a multinational telecomriunications equipment manufacture!, headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

17. (3)

18. (3) The National Transitional Council of Libya is a political body formed to represent Libya by Anti Gaddafi forces during the 2011 Libyan civil war.

19. (2)

20. (1)

21. (4) Nassir Abdul Aziz Al-Nasser 57, was elected as the next President of the UN General Assembly. He is an experienced Qatare diplomat who has served as his country’s permanent representative to the UN for more than a decade.

22. (3) South Sudan originally a part of Sudan became an independent state on 9 July, 2011. Salva Kiir Mayardit has been elected as the first President of South Sudan.

23. (1)

24. (1) Japan and US is going to jointly set up a fund to help companies and individuals het hard by March’s natural disaster to restart their businesses. The temodachi fund is named after the Japanese word for ‘friend’.

25. (4)

26. (4)

27. (4) SEBI is the regulator for the Securities Market in India, established in 1992 with its headquarter in Mumbai.

28. (3) MPs will now be able to spend a maximum of ` 10 lakh per year, from their MPLAD funds (2 crore - 5 crore) for giving assistance to physically challenged persons, other than the one from where they are elected.

29. (1) World Bank and the Government of India signed a loan agreement worth One billion dollar for the National Ganga River Basin Project for cleaning the river.

30. (3)

31. (4)

32. (2)

33. (1) The copa America is a Spanish and Portugese term for America cup, previously known as South American championship is an international football competition.

34. (1)

35. (4)

36. (1)

37. (2) Steve Ballmer is an American Businessman and CEO of Microsoft.

38. (2) Arcelor Mittal is the worlds number one steel maker, followed by Nippen Steel (Japan) Posco of South Korea is the worlds number three steel maker.

39. (4)

40. (2)

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