Math Riddle: Test Your Brain Power By Finding The Next Number In The Series in 31 Seconds!

Number Series Math Riddles for Students: Check your intelligence level by solving this number series math puzzle in 31 seconds.

Solve the Number Series Math Riddle in 31 Seconds
Solve the Number Series Math Riddle in 31 Seconds

Math Riddles: There’s no better way to stimulate your mind than a good puzzle. Solving a challenging question makes your brain work extra and stay in shape. In today’s age, when every task has been simplified due to technology, it’s important that you keep your mind sharp.

A dull mind is the source of many issues like decreased intelligence, poor attention span, lack of discipline and bad decision-making skills. Solving tricky math riddles, puzzles or brain teasers can give you a rush of dopamine and improve your mood.

Frequently indulging in riddles and puzzles can also boost your concentration skills, problem-solving capacity, critical thinking, and creativity levels.

On that note, we bring you the following math riddle on the number series.


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Math Riddle: Find The Next Number in 31 Seconds

Math Riddle: Find The Next Number in 31 Seconds

Number Series Math Riddle Solution

Hopefully, you enjoyed solving this number series math riddle and did it within the given time limit. Now, it’s time to check the answer. The missing number in the third central circle is 100.

Number Series Math Riddle Solution

Sounds unexpected, right?

Don’t be surprised. Many people failed to find the answer. 

Refer to the below method to learn how to crack this number series riddle.

The numbers in the circle appear random at first, but if you think hard and perform the basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction, you’ll notice a pattern.

Here are the steps to reach the solution.

- Observe the first circle and pair the opposites 5 & 9, and 8 & 6.

- Multiply both pairs

You get (5 x 9) = 45 & (8 x 6) = 48

- Now calculate the difference and find its square

48 - 45 = 3

- Now squaring it,

32 = 9

Similarly for the second circle:

(11 x 2) = 22 & (5 x 3) = 15

=> 22 - 15 = 7

=> 72 = 49

And finally coming to Circle Three: 

(12 x 9) = 108 & (7 x 14) = 98

=> 60 - 54 = 10

=> 102 = 100

And there’s your answer.

Did you also get the same answer? If so, kudos! You have got an intelligent brain. Check out some more similar riddles below.

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