Marksheets cannot seal your future

06-APR-2018 19:30:35 IST I Jagran Josh
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As students, there is constant performance pressure. Whether from parents, peers or your own inner voice that persuades you to excel, there is always a certain fear that lurks in the back of your mind. What compounds this fear is the fact that there are unfortunate comparisons made, often by parents themselves, between how siblings perform, or how you fare against your friends. You should know that often, though, this is an unconscious reaction on the part of your parents who want nothing but the best for you. After all, they believe that you should do yourself proud in your field of study.

During examination time this pressure increases multifold, for a variety of reasons. Parents tend to compare their children to their classmates and without realising it, add to the pressure that students are already under. While it may seem that the children are being trapped unreasonably, the fact remains that parents will always wish their children well. To be fair to them, they may unconsciously be putting pressure .They too are bogged down by the fact that everyone is awaiting the exam results, to compare how one student fared against another.         

What we need to keep in mind is that not every child is same – what subjects interest one student may not be of equal interest to another. While as a student you should put in the best effort you can, it is not the end of the world if the marks you attained are not as per your expectations. Never mind what your neighbour scores in the board exams, what is more important is that you are able to learn and grow, given your strength and capabilities. Celebrate your uniqueness!

Be kind to yourself

Remember, your identity as a person – and not just as a student – goes well beyond the marks you get in an examination. Do not get affected by unfair and unnecessary comparisons. Be kind to yourself, and take your parents into confidence. Share your dreams and aspirations with them, and together, make this crucial time of year stress-free.

However, we understand that it is not always easy to do so. It is natural to feel the pressure, to feel worthless or think that you are unable to get anything right. Talking to your parents may also be difficult, since they are also undergoing similar stress.

Let the experts help

Addressing this issue Mirinda has launched a campaign Comparison Adds Pressure | #ReleaseThePressure, Video link shows how students become victim to stress because of constant comparison which the parents unconsciously do to their children with others.

To help you get through this time with ease, Mirinda, together with Fortis Healthcare has set up a dedicated helpline wherein students can reach out, and more importantly, be heard. This exam season,release your stress and anxiety as you connect with a team of professionals via helpline number+91 83768 04102, which is available to you 24x7.

Stay informed and get expert advice from trained counsellors as they guide you through this critical phase. With Mirinda and Fortis, now exam time can be more relaxed than you could ever have imagined. Don’t let your exam marks define you. Instead, step out confidently into the world knowing that you are a capable individual with a life and career ahead of you. For these exams and beyond, wish you the

Best of luck!

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