NCERT Class 5 Hindi Book: Download All Chapters in PDF

NCERT Book for Class 5 Hindi is available here for free download. Students must read NCERT Book for appropriate and concise study material.

Created On: Mar 27, 2020 13:04 IST
NCERT Book for Class 5 Hindi
NCERT Book for Class 5 Hindi

Download NCERT Book for Class 5 Hindi (रिमझिम) in form of chapter-wise PDF. This is the latest edition of NCERT Class 5 Hindi Book published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Follow this book to give a smooth start to your new academic session and excel in the subject.

Links to download all chapters of NCERT Class 5 Hindi book are given below:

अपनी-अपनी रंगतें

पाठ 1: राख की रस्सी (लोककथा)

पाठ 2: फसलों के त्योहार (लेख)

पाठ 3: खिलौनेवाला (कविता)

पाठ 4: नन्हा फनकार (कहानी)

पाठ 5: जहाँ चाह वहाँ राह (लेख)

बात का सफ़र

पाठ 6: चिट्ठी का सफ़र (लेख)

पाठ 7: डाकिए की कहानी, कुँवरसिंह की जुबानी (भेंटवार्ता)

पाठ 8: वे दिन भी क्या दिन थे (विज्ञान कथा)

पाठ 9: एक माँ की बेबसी (कविता)


पाठ 10: एक दिन की बादशाहत (कहानी)

पाठ 11: चावल की रोटियाँ (नाटक)

पाठ 12: गुरु और चेला (कविता)

पाठ 13: स्वामी की दादी (कहानी)


पाठ 14: बाघ आया उस रात (कविता)

पाठ 15: बिशन की दिलेरी (कहानी)

पाठ 16: पानी रे पानी (लेख)

पाठ 17: छोटी-सी हमारी नदी (कविता)

पाठ 18: चुनौती हिमालय की (यात्रा वर्णन)

Importance of NCERT Hindi Book for Class 5 Students

NCERT Class 5 Hindi Book (रिमझिम) with its literary compositions helps students learn about the varied aspects of our rich heritage along with knowing about our ccustoms and lifestyle. Some other important factors affecting our daily life like technology, environmental issues, are also discussed in this book.

Most of the students think that scoring marks in Hindi is easier as compared to other mainstream subjects like Maths, English but they should not ignore the fact that it requires huge amount of practice and attention to get into the details of this language and lay a strong foundation which will help in the long run. NCERT book, Rimjhim is the best to understand the complex nuances of the Hindi language. Therefore, students of class 5 must be encouraged to read NCERT book to excel in the Hindi subject and perform well in the examinations.

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We are providing here the subject wise NCERT books for class 5. NCERT Books are the best to grasp the basics of a subject and achieve the desired results in academics. Therefore, students are advised to follow NCERT books to perform best in exams. Students may download the Class 5 NCERT Books in form of chapter-wise PDFs from the links given below:

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