NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2 - A Snake Charmer’s Story

Get free NCERT Solutions for all questions in Class 5 EVS Chapter 2: A Snake Charmer’s Story.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2
NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2

NCERT solutions for Class 5 EVS Chapter 2 - A Snake Charmer’s Story are provided to help students clear all their doubts and get answers to all difficult questions. All the solutions have been prepared to give accurate and detailed answers for each and every question asked in NCERT Class 5 EVS Chapter 2.

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NCERT Solutions

Class 5 Environmental Studies (EVS)

Chapter 2: A Snake Charmer’s Story

NCERT Page No. 17

Think and Tell

(i) Have you ever seen anyone playing a been? Where?

(ii) Have you ever seen a snake? Where?

(iii) Were you scared by it? Why?

(iv) Do you think all snakes are poisonous?

(v) In chapter 1 you read that snakes do not have ears which you can see. Can the snake hear the been or does it dance when the been moves? What do you think?


(i) Yes, I have seen a snake-charmers playing a been when he was performing a show in our street.

(ii) Yes, I have seen a snake. I have seen many different kinds of snakes in the zoo.

(iii) Yes, I was scared by it because I have heard that some snakes are poisonous.

(iv) No, I do not think that all snakes are poisonous.

(v) No, snakes cannot hear the been. They only dance on the movements of been.

NCERT Page No. 19


(i) Have you ever seen animals being used for entertainment of people? (For example, in a circus, on the road, or in a park)

  • When and where did you see this?
  • Which animal show did you see?

(ii) How did people behave with the animals in the show?

(iii) Was anyone teasing the animal? How?

(iv) What kind of questions came to your mind after seeing that animal show?

(v) Imagine that you are an animal in a cage. Think how you would feel. Complete the following sentences:

  • I am afraid when _____________
  • I wish I _____________
  • I am sad when _____________
  • If I had a chance I would _____________
  • I do not like it at all when _____________


(i) Yes, I have seen animals being used for entertainment of people.

  • I saw this in circus and roadside shows.
  • I saw monkeys dancing on the instructions of his master (madari).

(ii) People behaved nicely with the animals in the show.

(iii) Some children watching the show were teasing the animals by mimicking their actions.

(iv) Many questions came to my mind after seeing that animal show like:

  • Why did the madari tied the monkeys to ropes?
  • From where had the madari caught those monkeys?
  • Why didn’t monkeys harm him?
  • Were they happy to dance for the entertainment of people?
  • How could those monkeys understand their master’s instructions?
  • Is this fair to use animals for the entertainment of people?

(v) Given sentences can be completed as follows:

  • I am afraid when my master beats me if I do any mistake during training.
  • I Wish I could move around freely in the forest.
  • I am sad when I have to live in the cage away from my family and friends in the forest.
  • If I had a chance I would escape from the cage and run free into the forest.
  • I do not like it at all when I have to perform unwillingly on my master’s order.

NCERT Page No. 20


Like snake-charmers, which other people depend on animals for their livelihood?


Like snake-charmers, following people also depend on animals for their livelihood:

  • Milkmen get milk from cows and buffaloes to sell for their livelihood.
  • Fishermen catch fishes to sell in the market and earn money.
  • Shepherds depend on sheep for wool.
  • Madaris make monkeys dance to earn money.
  • A tonga wala uses horse to carry people and earn his livelihood.

Survey – People Who Keeps Animals

Talk to some people in your neighbourhood who keep one or more animals for their livelihood–for example, a horse for a tonga, hens for eggs, etc.

  • Name the animal they keep.
  • How many animals are there?
  • Is there a separate place for the animals?
  • Who looks after them?
  • What do the animals eat?
  • Do the animals ever fall ill? What does the keeper do then?
  • Make some more questions and discuss.
  • Make a report on your project and read it out in the class.


  • There is a milkman who lives near my house.
  • He keeps cows to get milk form them.
  • He has five cows.
  • Yes, there is a separate place where all the five cows are kept.
  • Milkman and his wife look after them.
  • The cows eat grass and other animal fodder.
  • Yes, the cows fall ill sometimes. The milkman calls a veterinary doctor to treat them.

Some other questions can be like:

  • How does the keeper treat his animals?
  • Do you think these animals would be happy to live in the captivity of human beings?

Possible answers can be as follows:

  • The milkman gives his cows enough food and a clean and dry place to live. But I have noticed that sometimes when any cow refuses to give milk he beats it with a stick or gives it some injection to increase the quantity of milk. The milkman also does not let the calves suck its mother’s (cow’s) milk because then milkman will get lesser milk to sell to people.
  • I thinks no one, be it humans or animals, wants to live in someone’s captivity.

NCERT Page No. 21

What We Have Learnt:

The government has made a law that no one can catch and keep snakes. What do you think about this law? Give reasons for your answer and write in your own words.


I think the government has made this law for the welfare of animals. Many people use animals or their livelihood and exploit them for making more money. I think animals would be happy to live free life and enjoy with their family and friends in jungle. That’s why government is making such laws in interest of animals.

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