SSB Interview Tips and Strategies

To help NDA and CDS aspirants in clearing SSB Interview successfully, we are providing some essential tips and strategies.

Created On: Dec 4, 2018 11:53 IST

Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview is a process to filter out the candidates who fit best for the job. Filtration of the SSB does not mean that those candidates who are chucked out  is a failure in life; but it only means that they are not fit to be an Officer or do not have Officer’s like qualities.

SSB Interview NDA I 2017 Tips & Strategies

Every year, lakhs of students appear for NDA CDS written examination. Out of them only few hundred are selected for the SSB Interview. Most of the times, students are not fully aware of the SSB interview process. This leads to the failure as one may be intelligent in academics, but do not have required personality traits like Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Presence of mind and confidence, which can only be gained through practice.

Various coaching institutes are offering packages for SSB Interview that guarantee success in the process. Though learning the concept and understanding each step is mandatory to succeed, but self practice and analysing is more important.

For the benefit of the aspirants, we are providing some essential tips and strategies that help in achieving success:

1. The first step is to know the 5 days process in detail because most of the candidates think it will be normal interview like other companies take. Most of the times, they are not even aware of outdoor activities included in this process. Candidates who are preparing from some coaching institutes get the idea about the procedure and others who are doing themselves need to check various online sites or even to prepare.

2. Knowing various tests such as Word Association Test (WAT) , Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is important as they will test your IQ level and presence of mind. Gaining knowledge about the test is important and quality practice is what which will make you confident to clear these test series.

3. Benefits of preparation for current affairs is not just limited to written examination of General Awareness, it is also handy in group discussions and interviews.

4. If you have studied each topic thoroughly then it will give you more courage to clear the group discussion and personal interviews as mainly questions are asked from the topics like India, Indian politics, Indian history, Current affairs, Armed forces etc. Preparing from your notes always helps you better. Read aggressively about the current news, important dates and events.

5. Technical knowledge is equally important as many questions are asked from the science or about theorems, so in depth knowledge and better understanding of the topic is necessary.

6. Before going through the stress interviews, candidates are required to fill PIQ ( Personal Information Questionnaire)  in which one needs to give the details regarding their native place, state or town. So awareness about the same is important.

7. It is always recommended to the candidates that while filling the PIQ form they need to fill all the information which is relevant and true. In order to impress, candidates start boasting about themselves which  will lead to failure .

8. Physical fitness!! If you are weak and trembling, then how will you become an Officer?? So exercise regularly, eat healthy, maintain proper hygiene.

By following the above given essential tips and strategies, aspirants can expect good performance in the SSB interview process.