NEET 2019 Mock Test: Tips to prepare using Mock Test

NEET 2019 Mock Tests are very important for aspirants. Know how you can use NEET 2019 Mock tests to improve your score in the medical entrance exam.

Created On: Feb 28, 2019 10:55 IST
NEET 2019 Mock Test: Tips to prepare using Mock Test
NEET 2019 Mock Test: Tips to prepare using Mock Test

If you willing to get into one of the top medical colleges in the country?  Then NEET is the best way for you to get yourself at your desired destination. It is highly acceptable that your NEET preparations can be done in a structured, planned and consistent manner to improve your score.  The direct question which comes in mind after thinking about it is How?  We have tried to explain that big HOW in this article. So students are advised to go through the following points. It will navigate a clear path for your preparation.

Benefits of Mock Test

Let’s find out below the strategies recommended by toppers and experts in regards to solving mock tests of NEET 2019.

Experts recommend that students solve papers from several previous years of not only NEET (and AIPMT before it) but also likewise entrances such as AIIMS MBBS and JIPMER MBBS provided that the syllabus is similar as that of the one prescribed for NEET 2019.

Mock tests can either be subject/topic or full-length. Aspirants must try and solve as many different types of mock tests for NEET 2019, as befitting their individual situations.

Specific questions pertaining to a subject or topic can be practiced from question banks to solidify one’s concept and develop expertise. Solving mocks subject-wise will help aspirants ace every subject individually. While preparing for Physics, considered one of the more difficult subjects, this strategy especially proves to be fruitful. For NEET 2019 preparation, practicing full length mocks is also equally important. The benefits of practicing mocks cannot be fully reaped until one focuses on full-length mock tests.

Performance evaluation

Evaluation of performance after every mock test is the key factor that comes into play. It helps in the identification of errors and gives aspirants a chance to work on them.

Following aspects should be kept in mind while preparing for NEET 2019 using mock tests.

  • Time management
  • Negative marks being lost
  • Subject-wise performance
  • Analyzing weak and strong areas

Always beware of negative marking

Exam day NEET 2019 will not provide chances for trial and error. In NEET 2019, for every wrong answer, candidates will lose one mark. Therefore, keep evaluate the performance in this context while solving mock tests, and try to limit the marks lost due to wrong answers.

Always time your attempts

As NEET 2019 will be held offline, it is very crucial that aspirants attempt about 15-30 odd mock tests by simulating exact exam day environment within the exact time frame allotted. This will ensure that candidates analyze so as to how much time to devote per question depending on its difficulty on the actual exam day.

Will there be a change in NEET 2019 syllabus?

Previous year, Union HRD Minister Prakash mentioned that “ students of the State Boards often complain that the syllabi for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in many states are significantly different from the CBSE syllabus of the three subjects. Hence, they are at a greater disadvantage when it comes to NEET as the medical entrance exam is based only on the NEET syllabus. Consequently, the government has decided to take into account the curricula of all State Boards while framing the NEET 2018 question paper.”

The statement triggered a wave of furor among students. When the statement was made many aspirants had already covered most of their syllabus, and their NEET preparation was in full swing. Seeing the havoc, the CBSE quickly announced that there would be no change in the NEET 2018 syllabus. It did not commit anything about NEET 2019 though.

That is why those who are preparing for the NEET 2019 exam are advised to focus on the CBSE syllabus and try to devote some extra time to study the new topics in their study plan.

The general trend is to start preparing for the program in Class 11. NEET syllabus includes the topics you cover in Class 11 and Class 12. If you cover all the topics well and in depth and practice questions from previous years’ NEET or AIPMT papers on the topic you study, you should do well in the exam.

Study theory from the NCERT book, and use a reference book or your coaching’s study material to clarify the concepts you do not understand well.

Solve NCERT questions

NCERT books of 11th and 12th classes are foundation of NEET syllabus. So it is highly advisable that students must solve all the questions which are given in the NCERT books. This will prepare students to be full ready for advance level questions. Apart from NCERT questions, attempt questions and problems from your reference book or solve the Daily Practice Papers that various coaching institutes offer.

Attempt the questions from the past years’ NEET or AIPMT papers. You might also try to solve AIIMS papers to gain expertise on the topic.

As you finish a chapter or a unit or a subject, take the chapter-wise, unit-wise, or subject-wise test to evaluate how well you've understood it. During the last phase of your NEET preparation, you should solve at least one full-length NEET sample paper or mock test every day and analyze it to know your strengths and weaknesses.

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