NEET PG 2019 Preparation Tips | Important Topics and Books

Get tips from experts for NEET PG 2019 exam. Get complete list of the important topics, reference books and other study tips for NEET 2019 PG exam.

Created On: Apr 4, 2019 11:37 IST
NEET PG 2019 Preparation Tips | Important Topics and Books
NEET PG 2019 Preparation Tips | Important Topics and Books

If you want to get succeed in any examination you will have to go through a process of preparation for that exam. NEET PG is not different at all. Here too, an aspirant will have follow to certain methods so that he or she can solidify his/her preparations. In this article, we have given some important tips for the aspirants of NEET PG 2019.

Set the target

As a prelude to your NEET PG preparation, the first and foremost thing for you to do is to set a goal. Take a pen and a chart paper and write your goal on it in bold letters. Find a comfortable place in your room to study and paste it near your study area. Setting a goal and seeing it, again and again, will cajole to get to work.

Make a Study Plan

After you have set your goal, devise a plan to go about reaching that goal. Here the first thing you need to do is to understand as to what the NEET PG exam is all about and be thorough with the topics in the syllabus. Based on this input, you can devise a personalized plan for yourself.  Things to keep in mind while designing a study-plan

Clear Concepts

At this point, the students should prepare a list of doubts that they have and clear them with the help of their peers or by referring books. The questions in the NEET PG exam are asked in a confounded manner and students need to be extremely well-versed with the topic to answer such questions.

Group Study

Group study can be fruitful for some and detrimental for some. This completely depends on one’s personality and the company one is in. If a student is focused, he/she would make the most of group-study and if not, the practice will become more of a gossip-session.

Making the right selection of Books for NEET PG

Preparations must be made from the best book that you can get for a topic. One good book per subject is more than enough. Here’s a list of standard books recommended by PrepLadder experts.


As they say, Practice makes a man perfect. In the case of NEET PG, practice is what will give you the confidence to clear the exam. The more revision and practice, you will do, the more knowledge you will gain. Make sure to attempt practice questions and subject wise tests on completion of every topic, as this would help you apply the concepts you learnt. Do not attempt full-length tests during this phase.

Practice online mock tests

Aspirants usually skip this part because most of the candidates think that paying for online mock tests is not a good decision to make as they have already prepared for the examination and practiced on conventional offline test papers. But this can result in huge disaster because candidates are unaware with the online pattern of the exam and the software being used. This leads to slowing down of their speed and leaving many questions un-attempted. You can prepare with which is a free NEET PG test series and make use of our premium content that aids learning and our exclusive technology that aids growth.


Many students get bored mid-way due to the vast pool of topics that NEET PG exam covers. Some find themselves lost in the midst of their preparation and give up. This is the time when you have to constantly keep yourself motivated. The easiest way to do this, is to ask yourself as to why you started this journey at the first place and after reaching so near to the goal, would you want to let it go due to lack of motivation? Question yourself and you will have all the answers.

Check and Evaluate Yourself

The reason behind one’s failure is that in the process of reaching a goal and memorizing a given material, students generally forget to evaluate themselves due to the shortage of time. It is highly imperative to see where you stand and how much nearer to the goal you have reached. This may help you make the required changes to your devised strategy from time to time. To not be too stringent about the study plan, as the changes are bound to happen once you start working upon achieving your goal.

Revision is a must

Only learning is not going to help retain topics that you have prepared for NEET PG. Hence revision is a big deal that can either cost you a year if skipped or else it could be a life saver if sincerely followed. So, last 3 months of revision is crucial to remember the topics crystal clear.

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