New Workplace: 5 ways to gel in like a pro

Are you stressed thinking about the new workplace? Here are a few tips that will help you gel in like a pro.

Nidhi Gupta
Oct 24, 2019, 15:55 IST
New Workplace: 5 ways to gel in like a pro
New Workplace: 5 ways to gel in like a pro

Socrates once said that...

Going by this thought, the decision to begin a new job in a new workplace, comprising of newer possibilities and challenges, is undoubtedly a demanding transition. It can be a challenging phase in one’s life. But resisting this change, merely because of the fear of adjustment and career transition is also unacceptable. For continual growth in life, it is important to accept such changes and overcome the fear of new workplace.

Take a look at some tips that will help you gel in the new workplace like a pro”

1. Be Receptive

Working in new environment is not as daunting as it may appear. When you pluck a rose and plant it in another flower pot, the plant takes some time to settle and then the roses again start to grow as beautifully as they were. If the rose plant becomes unreceptive of the change, it will eventually die. Similarly, when you leave a place where you spent considerable time, even you will take time to accommodate in the new surroundings. Be it your colleagues, managers, or juniors, no one comes with an intention to harm you. Carry a pleasing personality to work and be receptive of the changes that you see around. In a nutshell, embrace the new workplace!

2. Zero down on your concern

Fear is never baseless! It has a strong foundation that lingers in a person’s mind. Don’t let your fear become the obstacle in your path. If you have a negative memory or experience from the past, try to overcome it and do not associate it with the new workplace. A baseless doubt can weaken the beginning of a potentially brighter future. Make a fresh beginning wherein you have a solution in hand to fight back your fear instead of dragging it further.   

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3. Share to Care

Talk to your family members or friends and share the reasons that are giving you jitters. If your fear seems impossible to surmount, then take help of your dear ones. Sharing your inner most fears often helps in overcoming them. In most cases, psychologists say that people rise above their inhibitions when they communicate their feelings with someone. That someone need not be a person from your known circle. You can also seek help of your mentor at the workplace or professional circle who has a better grip on your psychological state of mind.

4. Carry realistic expectations

All the living creatures (be it plant, animal or humans) have the capacity to adjust to change. So when you decide to change your job and become a part of new family, do not carry unrealistic expectations that they will treat you like a king or queen. Just like the soil in all the regions of the world is not same and hence the vegetations is also differs; Not ever workplace is same and hence the culture of the workplace defines the attitude of the employees. Understand the culture of the new workplace and adjust accordingly.

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5. Think positive about the change

The biggest challenge in the path of unknown doubts is your pessimism. Creating an image in mind that even before joining the new workplace will make you less productive. You will focus on finding the aspects that have the possibility of hurting you. Rather than looking at the positives, you will focus on the loopholes. Thus, as a first step, start garnering positive thoughts that will help you blend in the new workplace smoothly. Give your self-assurance that it was a right decision to accept the offer letter and that you will make a good career growth once you join the office.

So before you venture in the new workplace...

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