Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: 8 Exam Tips to School Students by PM Modi

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses young school students at 11 am on January 27, 2023. As the youngsters of India prepare for the upcoming 2023 board exams and other competitive examinations, PM Modi provides these students with important examinations tips and strategies. Watch PM Modi address the students of the nations and get the complete details here. 

Pariksha Pe Charcha Exam Tips to School Students by PM Modi
Pariksha Pe Charcha Exam Tips to School Students by PM Modi

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: Pariksha Pe Charcha is a part of the ‘Exam Warriors’ movement led by the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi is addressing the students at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi from 11 am on January 27, 2023. 

Not as the Prime Minister, but as a guide and friend, PM Modi is addressing the young students of the nation with the aim to create and develop a stress-free atmosphere for the young students of India. Pariksha pe Charcha aims to bring India's students, parents, teachers and the society together in the movement to celebrate each youngster and encourage them to express their unique talents. 

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has stated that this year, about 38.80 lakh students have registered for the Pariksha Pe Charcha session of 2023.

PM Modi started  his address to the students saying that the Pariksha Pe Charcha session is an exam in itself for the Minister as he receives thousands and lakhs of questions from students all across the nation. He gets to know the thought process and the questions in the young minds of the nations. PM Modi even joked about the length of his previous Pariksha Pe Charcha sessions. 

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: Exam Tips to Students

As lakhs of students gather to hear what the honourable Prime Minister has to share with the students, let us take a look at the suggested exam tips and strategies by PM Modi in Pariksha pe Charcha 2023:

Tip 1: How to deal with the stress of family expectations to score good marks and the family disappointment in case of poor exam results? 

High expectations of family, from their ward, is natural. However, expectations from students based on social status are not right. 

Focusing on the expectations from the near and dear ones around us can lead to a waste of time, stress and become fatal. Instead, students should focus on their own goals, strategy, and self-expectations. 

Therefore, PM Modi advises students to focus on themselves, analyse the family expectations to garner their strength and motivation instead of being pressured by the expectations and pressure. 

Tip 2: About Time Management and Procrastination

The stress and panic of “having little to no time” comes from the load of pending work and the pile of tasks left undone until the last minute. His mantra for time management is “Micromanagement”.

PM Modi advises the students to create a list of how much time they spend on different subjects and analyse it after a week. He suggests students to create alternate slabs of 30 minutes, oscillating between subjects that the students consider hard and the subjects that they like.

In this way, students will not just get relaxation time but also gradually cover the syllabus of both the difficult and less-liked subjects and the favourite subjects.

Tip 3: Unfair means during examinations

Not only PM Modi discourages the students from any malpractice or use of unfair means during the exam but also urges the students to stay honest throughout their life.

Using unfair means, a student might score well in a few examinations. However, a successful life cannot be built on shortcuts because “shortcuts will cut you short”.

He advises the students to not worry about such dishonest students and instead focus on their own honest exam preparation. 

Tip 4: Hard work or Smart Work: Which is better?

Recalling the fable of the Thirsty Crow, PM Modi asked the students to ‘smartly’ choose the areas to put ‘hard’ work in.

Mentioning examples from sports, he suggests students to focus their hard work on the smartly chosen the right focus areas. 

Tip 5: About being average: know your ‘average’ capabilities, push your limits

Accepting that you are an average student, not falling for the illusion of being extraordinary is great because it helps you stay in touch with your real self.

Often ordinary people, in their ordinary ways, do extraordinary things.

So students must not be stressed about being average, but try to excel by aiming at being better and pushing their limits.

Tip 6: How to deal with negative criticism and self-doubt?

Focusing on the goals that you have set for yourself is important. 

Criticism is necessary for growth and should be valued. However, students must know to differentiate between blame and criticism. One should not waste time on blames.

Tip 7: How to focus on studies in the time of Social Media, Gaming, Gadgets and Technology?

‘Smart’ gadgets are not as smart as you. The smarter you are, the smarter use you make of the technology in hand. Do not let technology use you.

Utilise the gadgets and technology that you have with you. We should not lose our creative age and insights to “smart” technology.

Similar to observing religious fasting, students should engage in ‘Digital fasting’. Using the “no digital device” motto, students should aim to spend either some hours every day or some days a week without using digital, smart devices. 

Tip 8: About the stress of exam results

Honesty is the key! Stay true to your experience.

Honestly, accept and let your family know about how you felt about your exam. Let their expectations be based on your honest experience as well. 

Additionally, no exam is the end of your life. Exams are just a part of your life. So focus on moving ahead in life. 

Watch the live video of Pariksha pe Charcha 2023 on the official YouTube channel of Ministry of Education, Government of India:

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