CBSE Class 11 Physics Waves: Formula List, Definitions, and More

Waves Formulas & Diagrams: Students can find a list of important diagrams and formulas for CBSE Class 11 Physics Chapter Waves. Use the PDF download link attached below to save the formula sheet. this formula sheet is quite handy and a physical print out of these can be easily carried by students to their schools and tuitions. 

Download Formula Sheet for CBSE Class 11 Physics Waves
Download Formula Sheet for CBSE Class 11 Physics Waves

CBSE Class 11 Physics Waves Formulas: This article hands out the complete list of formulas for Class 11 Physics Waves. Here, students can also find a PDF download link at the bottom of the article to save the formula sheet for future reference. All the formulas presented here have been picked up from the Class 11 Physics NCERT Textbook, thus students can be absolutely carefree while referring to this formula sheet.

Along with the formulas, we have also brought to you important definitions from the chapter. These definitions will help you understand the topic, clear your concepts, and prepare you for your examinations. As we all know, Class 11 is the toughest grade to be in. Given the advancement of curriculum, and a huge jump in the complexities of numerical problems, it becomes really hard for students.

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Generally, students with PCM combination spend a huge amount of their day practicing for examinations. With this formula sheet, you won’t have to keep referring back to the chapters for searching formulas or memorizing them. This handy formula page can be your partner in school, tuition, or revision time.

Formula Sheet for Class 11 Physics Waves


Waves - patterns, that move without the actual physical transfer or flow of matter as a whole, are called waves.

Transverse Waves- If the constituents of the medium oscillate perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation, the wave is called a transverse wave.

Longitudinal Wave- If they oscillate along the direction of wave propagation, it is called a longitudinal wave.

Capillary Waves-  They are ripples of fairly short wavelength not more than a few centimetres and the restoring force that produces them is the surface tension of water.

Gravity waves- Gravity waves have wavelengths typically ranging from several meters to several hundred meters. The restoring force that produces these waves is the pull of gravity, which tends to keep the water surface at its lowest level. The oscillations of the particles in these waves are not confined to the surface only but extend with diminishing amplitude to the very bottom.

Wavelength- The minimum distance between two points having the same phase is called the wavelength of the wave, usually denoted by λ.

Period- the period of oscillation of the wave is the time it takes for an element to complete one full oscillation.

Principle of Superposition of Waves- when two pulses of equal and opposite shapes move towards each other. When the pulses overlap, the resultant displacement is the algebraic sum of the displacement due to each pulse. This is known as the principle of superposition of waves.

Waveform- It is the sum of wave functions of individual waves

Refracted Wave- If a wave is incident obliquely on the boundary between two different media the transmitted wave is called the refracted wave.

Nodes- The points at which the amplitude is zero are nodes.

Antinodes- the points at which the amplitude is the largest are called antinodes.

Normal Modes- The system cannot oscillate with any arbitrary frequency (contrast this with a harmonic traveling wave), but is characterized by a set of natural frequencies or normal modes of oscillation.

First Harmonic- The lowest possible natural frequency of a system is called its fundamental mode or the first harmonic.



Displacement of a wave travelling in negative direction-

Wavelength- where k is the angular wave number or propagation constant;  its  SI  unit  is  radian  per meter or rad/m. 

Period- y= where ω represents the angle and T represents the time

Angular Frequency-  ω is called the angular frequency of the wave. Its SI unit is rad s 1.

 Frequency- ν is usually measured in hertz

Speed of a travelling wave-

Speed of a transverse wave on stretched string- where μ represents velocity of the string

Wavelength of a transverse wave on stretched string-

Speed of a longitudinal wave- - where B is Bulk Modulus

Speed of longitudinal waves in a solid bar-  where Y is the Young Modulus

Speed of a longitudinal wave in an ideal gas (Newton’s Formula)-

Laplace Correction (Modification of Newton’s formula)-

Principle of Superposition of Waves-

Reflected Wave at a rigid boundary-

Reflected Wave at an open boundary-

Position of Nodes-

Position of Antinodes-

Wavelengths of Stationary Waves-

Wavelengths of Stationary Frequencies-  

Length of an antinode-

Wavelengths of an antinode-  

Frequencies of an antinode-

Beat Frequency-

To download the Class 11 Physics Waves Formulas in PDF, click on the link below

Download Class 11 Physics Waves Formula Sheet

This formula sheet is presented to you to ease your preparation for the examination. Given the toughness and criticality of Class 11, it becomes important for the student to save their time and utilize it for studying. The formula sheet will help you achieve the goal by saving a lot of your time. Students who refer to the formula sheet presented here will no longer have to keep searching for formulas in between the chapters while practicing as well as while solving the NCERT Solutions. Additionally, frequent visibility of the formulas might enhance your remembering power and might assist you in easily gulping these formulas down your throat, for memorizing. 

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