Planning a Career move? Here’s how you can reinvent the professional in you!

Planning to shift jobs? Here’s how you can reinvent the professional in you and build an impressive personality that is hard to resist by the recruiters.

How to reinvent the professional in you before a job switch?
How to reinvent the professional in you before a job switch?

‘Reinventing Self’ can be quite demanding when you do not have a vague idea about the direction in which you wish to lead. But planning a career move is one decision which requires this exercise so that  you do not repent 10 years down the line.

It is indeed true that ‘it is never too late to begin’, but what if a right career move at the tender age can get you huge name and fame by the time you reach a saturation point in your career.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to reinvent the professional in you while planning a career move.   

Identify your Professional Interests

Charity begins at home and the hint for ob begins within. Choosing a job at the end of the day which offers a money minting paycheck but entails no satisfaction won’t be worthwhile in the long run.

Career Counseling

A talk with your own self can help you analyse your professional interest keenly. Others can only offer you guidance and can show you path but you have to walk your path on your own. No one else will walk it for you.

If you zero down on a professional interest then it will make your life easier while you will apply for the jobs. You will get offers and calls from the companies in which you want to get established. A writer cannot envision himself/herself as a dancer in their job. They might find the work physically draining, whereas they relish writing and putting their thoughts on the paper. 

New Professional Photograph

A passport size photograph is a good idea when you want to get registered in the national identity cards. For professional images, it is more preferable if you can wear a business suit with tie or professional ethnic wear dress and get a latest photograph clicked.

You can upload this photograph at various job portals and on Linkedin as well. A latest photograph also symbolizes that you are concerned about your professional image and stay updated. People who believe in face reading can also get to read a few shades of your personality by looking at your picture.

So, when the next time you go and meet a potential recruitment manager, they would instantly recognize you.

Be Discoverable Online

In the dotcom boom, when you keep your whatsapp status, facebook photos and instagram posts updated, it is equally important to maintain a LinkedIn profile and be discovered online as well. Your online image will talk a lot about your strengths and weaknesses that you mentioned in your resume.

So update the real information about yourself online because any miss match in your credentials and details can land you in a soup.

Don’t get worried about this fact because these days’ being discoverable online is always a boon. Recruiters scout for the online profiles of the potential hire available on various social media platforms. They are more interested to find out about you on their won rather than poking you to get the information about your personality.

Your online presence is the hallmark of your true personality and the interaction will confirm the rest of the story during the interview.

Reengineer your digital presence

Whether you register yourself on LinkedIn or any other job portal, make sure that all the profiles stay updated because it will help you immensely in the job change.

If you keep the information updated, it will help you in getting right calls for the next job switch. Use exact keywords that describe your job profile and also add social media handles to your profile if available. In case you have blogs or websites in your name, then do mention about them also.

This level of transparency will be appreciated by the recruiter. Social media profiles are another reflector of your lifestyle and this will help the recruiter know you better. They might have a job that matches your lifestyle and taste and can offer you better opportunity. If they find that you have a passion for travel and write travel blogs then travel brands may contact you as their marketing guy.

Analyze the Competition

Competition makes the survival tough but it doesn’t kills the opportunity. Once you analyse the people in your domain and retrieve information about the latest trends then you can surely upgrade your skills accordingly.

If you are a digital marketing professional and other people in this domain have usually the same level of competence, then you can learn an additional skill to get an edge. You can learn foreign language with a huge scope that can help you understand the trends of other culture. With this edge in your resume, you might be selected for an international exposure as well. 

Learn to Listen

Listening is an art because it takes huge patience. “Listen to me” is a very common phrase that you will hear from many. But make sure that listening doesn’t makes you indifferent towards people. Be selective regarding the ones whom you have to listen so that the inputs can be implemented at work.

A good listener can be a good executor. At an early age in your career, develop the habbit of listening because that will make the learning process more speedy and worthwhile. 

Start Writing

Another important tip that you must not ignore is ‘to write’. People often think that writing can be ignored because it is a trivial task. But you must not forget that since school days till the professional days, writing is one area which needs you attention.

When you get into the corporate world, writing emails, grafting notes, making minutes of meeting and keeping a track of the records, all of them require writing. If you have chosen a profession which deals in writing then the story becomes all together different because then you must learn various styles of writing that are way beyond business writing.

If you are not keen on writing then no one else will write for you. One poor email will exhibit your personality because writing is also considered a reflection of your grey matter and personality. 

Market your Experience

Consider yourself a brand and work out what differentiates you from others. What exceptional achievements can help you get an edge in the market? How can your work speak volumes about your hardwork, persistence, dedication and obviously the skills that were involved?

It is important to compile a portfolio of the work that you have done till date. Do not keep it hidden in a corner of your desk at home. It needs to come out in the market because it will enable the recruiter know you better.

You can include the internships, social work, voluntary work and extra-curriculum activities in your resume. But make sure that all of them are backed with some evidence for reference check by the recruiter.

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