Problems that every Indian student can relate to

From craving for home made food to pre-decided career paths there are some problems that students face across India. To know about them all read the article.

Created On: Oct 22, 2019 17:57 IST
Problems that every Indian student can relate to
Problems that every Indian student can relate to

College days are said to be the most memorable days of one's life. It's the time when you have most freedom to explore and experiment around with things. But it is also one of the most important phase of one's life for this is the time when you decide what you want to become in life. However, in India where students upon entering college believe that they have grown up the parents still treat them as kids. There are many restrictions still imposed on them for example - the chance of being denied to study the subject they want to. A very famous phrase goes as, 'In India students first become engineers then decide what they want to do in life' and it's quite true. College students in India face a lot of problems that drain them both mentally and physically. Read on find out some these common problems that every Indian student can relate to.

Pre-Decided Career Paths

As seen in recent blockbuster 'Three Idiots' in our society the fate of a child's career is decided upon right at the moment of their birth. The entire world contemplates upon the career that would be suitable for you while on the other hand you still haven't received a proper name. And right from the moment you are ready to start school there is but one anthem that you are preached upon that you are to become a doctor or an engineer or do MBA from the IIMs. In most cases no one even bothers asking you what are your preferences and what do you want to become. 

The Never ending cycle of rote learning

Another interesting fact is that during the school years, the measure of a child's intelligence is defined by how well can the he/she mug up the things taught in class. We used to spend sleepless nights as early as a 5th standard student. Why? Simply because the next day was a term exam of social science. But, what of those poor beings who had razor sharp minds that were more involved in understanding the basics or the concepts behind the topic rather than mugging it up without understanding a word? They were deemed stupid, and charged guilty of possessing a brain that couldn't mug up useless things.

The Evening Tuition classes

Ask an expert in the field of education about the best method of learning. Undoubtedly, the answer would be self study. Unless and until a child does at least an hour or two of self study after coming home from school, half the things learnt are forgotten. But instead of doing self study we are forced to attend coaching classes and tuitions. Reading from text books or mugging up the notes given by school and tuition teachers we hardly had time left for self study.

Expectations From Family and Relatives

Come the time for exam results everyone's call would start pouring on your phone. Even those uncle, aunts with whom you never had contact would ask, 'beta number kaise aye?' The interesting feature being no matter how good your are at something else it doesn't matter. For all that matters is your academic performance. Doesn't matter how good you are at a sports or an extra-curricular or if you want to build a career in a field apart from that of engineering or medical.

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Mess Food

The biggest compliant of  those living in hostels and pg's is the mess food. While the hostel fees and pg rents are sky rocketing the mess food still remains same the old bland, tasteless food. Maggi and homemade snacks seem like life savers to hostellers and if possible they could spend their entire college life on these two things. Interestingly, the kids who once ran away from home food now crave the very taste of it in college. 'Maa ke hath ka khana' that is one thing that they look forward to with every trip back home during long vacations.

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Part time jobs

Another major problem faced by the Indian students is high stress levels that they experience. Between the parents expectations and peer pressure they end up losing their own choices and dreams and fall in line with the crowd. The cut-throat competitions to secure a seat in the best colleges across the country leaves many students depressed and dejected forcing them to resort to wrong means for comfort. Being constantly monitored and their activities kept track of they become frustrated and lose interest in things soon after starting them. 

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