Professional Critique: Why it's essential for your resume

Writing a good resume is the key to landing a good job. Hence, here are some reasons why you should get your resume reviewed by a professional.

Jan 22, 2020, 13:09 IST
Professional Critique: Why it's essential for your resume
Professional Critique: Why it's essential for your resume

Writing a good resume is a very critical step in sending out job applications and ensuring that you get back a response from the potential recruiters. But it is quite obvious that when writing a resume we all make plenty of mistakes.  Especially, when we are in the dark about what to include and what not to include in our resumes. The ocean of information available online also does nothing but further, confuse the students as each of them holds a different perspective on the important elements of resume writing.

There is a very small percentage of people who prefer to have their resume written by a professional resume writer or even get it reviewed by one. To most, it seems impractical. Reason? Simply, because even after having spent a significant amount of money on getting a professional critique there is no guarantee that, the resume will get you the desired job offer.

Why is it so important to get an expert review?

What most students fail to realize is that a recruiter spends less than 15 seconds scanning through a resume. The HR's have a pile of resumes on their desks and if they start digging through each one of those resumes, it would take them forever to fill the open positions in the organization. Thus, your resume should be such that it garners the attention of the employer in the very first glance. And the best way to ensure that is to get it reviewed by an expert or a professional.

At times, students ask their peers, friends and even family members to review their resume. But to be truthful it is very difficult for the people known to you to do a critical analysis of your profile. However, an expert, on the other hand, can give you an unbiased opinion and point out the unnecessary inclusions that you might think are good but actually undermining your candidature. Some important reasons as to why you should get your resume professional critiqued are mentioned below

Experts know the tricks

Professional resume writing experts read and write hundreds of resumes every day. After doing such a job on an almost daily basis it is safe to say that these people know the in and out of resume writing. They are well versed in the format, style and the structure of the resume. And prove to be a great help in helping you personalize your resume based on different job opportunities.

Critiques based on hiring manager's perspective

Professional resume writers are well aware of the perspective of the hiring managers from various fields and industry backgrounds. They know what is that, that these managers look for in a resume and what can catch their eyes in a single glance. They are also aware of tips and tricks to help your resume pass the Application Tracking Systems used by many organization to filter out potential candidates in today's time.  

Difference between a CV and a resume

Spotting mistakes that you might miss out

One of the biggest reason why it is recommended to get your resume reviewed by others is that we usually tend to miss out on small mistakes in your own written works. And this true for every form of writing, if you by any chance are a writer by profession you must be well aware of this fact. Writers are always advised to revise their own writings after a few days of having written it. But if you have it reviewed by a professional he would spot the mistakes there and then and will even give a better turnaround time on a complete and finalized resume that you'd get on your own.

Latest trends in resume writing for college students

To  Conclude,

Professional resume reviewers are trained experts who are well versed in the thought process of the employers and also the traits that they are looking for within a potential candidate. For example, many students still believe that their academic qualifications are the main attention drawer on their resume but in reality, it might not be the case at all. Chances are that the employer might not even spend more than 5 seconds in that section for he is more interested in your extracurricular than academics. Even the industry experts are in agreement with the view that students should get a professional critique on their resumes.

What not to include in your resume?

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