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Questions framed in SSC CHSL for 25th Jan 2017

Jan 31, 2017 15:38 IST

    In this post, we have included the questions obtained from the CHSL aspirants and these questions are totally based upon consciousness for the 25th Jan 2017 exam. These questions will assist you in figuring out the following things:-

    1. Level of questions- difficulty wise
    2. Chapterwise question selection.
    3. Questions repetitiveness.
    4. Estimation of Cut off marking, whether it is high or low.
    5. Devising a random study plan for the remaining attempts.

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    These questions would be fruitful in appearing for forthcoming exams i.e. SSC CGL, MTS and other competitive exams. Exams held from 7th Jan  to 9th Jan 2017 will be held in two time slots, whereas, remaining exams will be conducted in three shifts.

    ** The following questions are from the all Shifts exams. As soon, as we receive new questions from the remaining shifts then we will upload in the same blog.

    Quantitative Aptitude

    First Shift

    Second Shift

    Third Shift

    1. Height and Volume given of cylinder, find radius.
    2. A zoo charges Rs 800 for an adult’s ticket and Rs 200 child’s ticket. However, with two adults, a child can enter the zoo for free. How much profit would the zoo get if 20 adults and 8 children visit the zoo?
    3. Cot2A Cos22A =?
    4. (7-15x)-(6x-7) =? 14
    5. Find relative rate of 22% for 1 year (half yearly) = 21%
    6. 1, 6.21, 66…? = 201
    7. Cot4 π/3= ? – 1/√3


    1. a+b=10…. ab=24… Val of a^3 +b^3?
    2. A can do a work in 18 days.. he work for 9days. how much fraction left?
    3. Average of 3 number 72 then 1st number is 2/7th part of the Sum of the remaining number then what is the first number?
    4. A + B = 10; AB = 24; A3 + B3 = ?
    5. Tan^4(@)+tan^2(@)=?
    6. Cosec135…?


    1. A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. The present age of his son is?
    2. An error 5% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. The percentage of error in the calculated area of the square is?
    3. If 2994 ÷ 14.5 = 172, then 29.94 ÷ 1.45 = ?
    4. Three number are in the ratio of 3 : 4 : 5 and their L.C.M. is 2400. Their H.C.F. is?


     General Awareness

    First Shift

    Second Shift

    Third Shift

    1. Who invented aspirin Felix Hoffmann
    2. Majuli Island is in? Assam.
    3. Marble is which type of rock? Metamorphic
    4. Brihadeshwara temple is located in? Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.
    5. Antimatter of electron? Positron.
    6. Indian Rail connects how many stations? 7,112.
    7. The largest fresh water lake in Asia? Baikal.
    8. Which country won the Copa America Tournament, 2016? Chile.
    9. With which sport is Apurvi Chandela associated? Shooting

    10.  ISRO was set up in? 1969.

    11.  First woman in space was? – Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova

    12.  Nonstick cooking utensils are coated with? – Teflon

    13.  The ‘Char Minar’ is in? – Hyderabad

    14.  The National Anthem was first sung in which year? – 1911

    15.  Which of these articles deals with sedition? – Article 124A

    16.  When did the Haldighati battle take place? – 1576

    17.  Which player holds the record for scoring most centuries in Test cricket? – Sachin Tendulkar

    18.  What is the unit of Magnetic Flux density? – Tesla

    19.  Scientific name for lizard? – Lacertilia

    20.  Vascular bundles are present? – Plants

    21.  Demand decreases from 750 to 650 and price increases from 15 to 20, find elasticity. – ?

    1. Who established the Pal dynasty?
    2. Next south Asian games will be hosted by?
    3. Author of Shiva trilogy?
    4. Full form of VOIP… Voice over internet protocol.
    5. Enzyme Lipase found, at which organ?
    6. Which of the following countries has highest density – India, China, Philippines,UK?
    7. Which of the following is both living and non living organisms – fungus , bacteria?
    8. ”Immortal of Meluha ” written by whom?
    9. Arctic circle, Antarctic circle,tropic of cancer, the tropic of Capricorn,_____ what is _____

    10.  Full form of NCP…

    11.  One physics, theoretical law was asked

    12.  Formula for ammonium oxalate?

    13.  OUPA was formed in which year?


    1. Where is the Kanha national park?
    2. Which of the following is Green house gases?
    3. The Oscar nominated movie water was nominated for which category?
    4. First man who calculated the radius of earth?
    5. Full form of ABM?
    6. Plants having flower is called? Gymnosperm, Angiosperm, Bryophtes, Pteridophyte
    7. Who is the author of the book “lowland”?
    8. Who is Deepa Mehta?
    9. What is the full name of Sachin Tendulkar?

    10.  Chandragupta 322 to 298 belonged to which dynasty – Maurya Vansh

    11.  One question related to Myopia?

    12.  Total no. of articles in Constitution 395

    13.  Position of Venus in term of size in solar system?

    14.  Who invented electric stove?

    15.  Covalent bond is also known as


    General Intelligence

    First Shift

    Second Shift

    Third Shift

    1. Venn diagram of society, friends and enemy.
    2. A man had 20 cows. All but nine died. How many was he left with? – 9


    1. Arctic circle, Antarctic circle, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, ___?___
      1. 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, … ?
      2. 31, 29, 24, 22, 17, …?


    English Language

    First Shift

    Second Shift

    Third Shift

    1. Idioms and Phrases: Bend over backward meaning?
    2. Synonyms of privy? – Aware


    1. The idiom “Apple of eye”?
      1. The criminal seems to have acted in …… the three others.
      2. The man came in a car to …… the television set.
      3. It is 20 years since I …… him.

    We have presented all possible questions in this blog. If we found more questions then we will surely let all of you know. For further information, stay tuned to www.jagranjosh.com.

    So, All the Best!!!

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