Questions you must ask yourself before picking a career option

Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And to create a future, you must figure out the right direction in which you will run the course of your life.

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Questions you must ask yourself before picking a career option
Questions you must ask yourself before picking a career option

Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And to create a future, you must figure out the right direction in which you will run the course of your life. Choosing that right direction among many is a tougher call for us. But, if you ask these 5 easy question form yourself, you will be able to choose the RIGHT direction without much ado.

Nobody knows better about you than you yourself. “Introspecting” the inner self and listening to your own voice is the best answer to become who you wish to BE. If you feel perplexed regarding the right career choice, then ask these questions to take a thoughtful decision.

These questions are a must to answer to appease your conscience and feel good about what you do in life. So, here are 5 questions that you must ask yourself before picking a career!

Are you truly interested in the Career you have chosen?

A career should be a very thoughtful decision because it will have a bearing on your entire life. If you are forced to become a doctor but you are scared of blood then the decision needs to be re-evaluated because the possibility of success is bleak. A career decision should be purely based upon your preferences and your ability to sustain the decision for your entire life. A wrong path will breed dissatisfaction and demotivated.

You must seek counseling from the experts if you feel hazy about choosing a right career path. Counseling sessions often clear the air of confusion and psychometric tests and the results make the way more understandable for the future.

Remember the movie ‘3 Idiots’, wherein Farhan Qureshi (R.Madhavan) was forced to pursue a life which his parents thought was best for him. For an engineer there is a great scope to prosper, but if the person is not passionate about the career, then someday the repercussions might cost him a lifetime filled with regret. 


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It was his friend "Rancho"(played by Aamir Khan) who made him realize that if his heart lies in photography, then he should give his 1oo per cent in becoming a best and renowned wildlife photographer.

Do you have the right personality for this career?

Research says that people carry different Personality Types and on the basis of their personality they tend to have distinct preferences of careers too. Your personality is a combination of different traits that define your career choice. But, if you overlook this important aspect then you might not succeed in that career as well.

One such example is of famous Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise who was suffering from dyslexia during his childhood days. The problem was diagnosed at the age of seven and he was tagged as "functional illiterate". But he was gifted with acting ability and determined to overcome the obstacles in life, come what may. He never attended any acting school to acquire acting skills.

Cruise followed his heart as he analysed his personality to perform and exceed in life in acting career. Tom Cruise became one of the highest paid actors in the world in the 1990s.


It is very crucial to evaluate career possibilities that will lead to success in life and follow the path where you envision yourself 10 years down the line.

Do you possess all the right skills required to be successful in this career?

Right skill is all it takes to nail down the career that you want to pursue for a lifetime. If you have inherent talent or you have acquired training, then there will be no looking back in life. For a person such as Dhurubhai Ambani, India’s biggest corporate magnate, he had the business acumen to set up the empire from rags to riches. He has a knack for trade and believed in the instincts that were required to shape the future of India.

On the other hand we have another contradiction, i.e. Dhinchak Pooja who is trending for the wrong reasons. There goes a saying that “Success that comes easy won’t last long, what lasts long won’t come easy.” This is what the budding singer with no signing skills must understand. That people do not appreciate her songs for the poor singing skills she has, but for the crazy stuff that entertains them. 


Should you opt for a formal training to be successful in your career?

It is said that “Confidence may not bring success, but it will give that courage to face any challenge.” But where will this confidence come from? How will you feel confident when you want to make a mark in your career but you feel under-confident?

A formal training is an answer to unleash your hidden potential. If you wish to become a famous dancer, then you must consider getting a formal training. The training will serve dual purpose of polishing your skills and networking with the people of interest alike.

In the blockbuster hit movie “DangalMahavir Singh (played by Aamir Khan) trains his daughters in-house and later sends them to the National Sports Academy for further training.

When Mahavir Singh realised, that the girls have a spark, and carry power and potential to become wrestler, he decided to give them formal training. Undoubtedly, the training improvised their latent talent and they not only won at National Level but also became International stars. 


It is important to polish your skills after analysing your personal strengths and weaknesses. A formal training will surely help you rise above your inhibitions and explore those facets of your personality that remained unexplored.

Does your career choice have real scope of growth and advancement?

Scope is the real basis of choosing a career. You will never take classes on “how to type using a typewriter?” You will always learn the skills that are relevant in the market and have a scope for the coming 10-20 years. Whereas, change is the constant, you must keep learning latest skills that will be required to stay abreast in the industry.

When Amish Tripathi decided to become a writer, he did not venture on writing anything randomly. He prepared a strategy to write books on Indian mythology that seems relevant with the current era. He did not take up Shiva Trilogy and ended it there and then. He constituted team of people who took care of marketing and simultaneously worked out the Ramayana theme to prepare the next series of books. 

He understood the fact that to remain in the hearts of the readers, it is important to deliver quality and engaging content without compromising on the storyline. But to unlock this secret, he charted out the scope of his career advancement before venturing to become an author.


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These questions are most important triggers that will guide you a right career path. Asking this question to ourselves will also mitigate the need to seek help from outsiders every now and then. But you can always seek the support of elders who have relevant experience in the field/domain in which you wish to build your career

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