Rajasthan Board Class 10 English Syllabus

Students will get the complete syllabus of Class 10th English subject of Rajasthan board including topics, blueprint and marks allotment for each topic. It will help students in their preparation for board exams 2019.

Rajasthan Board Class 10 English Syllabus
Rajasthan Board Class 10 English Syllabus

Students preparing for Rajasthan board exams 2019 should know the latest syllabus before starting preparation. In this article, we bring to you the latest syllabus of Class 10 English released by Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan (BSER). After getting the detailed syllabus, students can plan their study schedule accordingly.  Students can prepare well for their examinations if they know the latest syllabus. Students will also get the blueprint of Rajasthan Board Class 10 English paper. It will help students to prioritize the topics/sections while preparing for board exams.

BSER Class 10 English: Examination scheme

  • Paper – One
  • Paper duration – 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Marks for theory paper – 80 marks
  • Marks for Internal exams (semester exam) – 20 marks
  • Total marks for the subject – 100 marks

BSER Class 10 English: Section-wise weightage



Section A: Reading


Section B: Writing


Section C: Grammar


Section D (a): Text book : Golden Rays


Section D (b): Supp. book : Resolution


Section E: Road Safety Education




Reading (14 Marks)

Two unseen passages of total 500 words with a variety of questions including 4 marks for vocabulary. Only prose passages will be used.  One will be factual and the other will be literary.

Career Counseling

Passage 1

Passage 2

150 words

200 words

7 marks

8 marks

Four or five comprehension questions

Four or five comprehension questions

two questions on vocabulary

two questions on vocabulary

Writing (15 Marks)

(i) Letter writing- (One out of Two) [5 Marks]

  • Informal - personal, such as to family and friends.
  • Formal- letters to the editor/letter of complaints, enquiries, requests, applications
  • Email - formal letters to the Principal of the school or to the
  • Editor of a Newspaper or a Magazine.

(ii) Writing a short paragraph on a given outline / topic in about 60 words   [4 Marks]

(iii) Composition: A short writing task based on a verbal and / or visual stimulus.

(diagram, picture, graph, map, chart, table, flow chart etc.) Maximum words 75  [5 Marks]


Grammar (15 Marks)

A variety of short questions involving the use of particular structures within a context.

Test types used will include

  • Cloze,
  • Gap-filling,
  • Sentence-completion,
  • Sentence-reordering,
  • Dialogue-completion and
  • Sentence-transformation (including combining sentences).

The Grammar teaching will include the following areas-      

1. Tense (Simple Present, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Simple Past, Past Continuous, Past Perfect and Tense showing Future Action)                                        [4 Marks]

2. Clauses (Noun Clauses, Adverb Clauses, Relative Clauses)                 [3 Marks]

3. Use of Active & Passive Voice                                                             [2 Marks]

4. Direct and Indirect Speech                                                                    [4 Marks]

5. Modals (Command, Request, Permission, Probability, Obligation)   [2 Marks]

Rajasthan Board Class 10 English Book

Text book - Golden Rays (23 Marks)

  •  Prose - Golden Rays -           [14 Marks]

 (i) Two extracts from different prose lessons included in Textbook  (Approximately 75 words each)        [8 Marks]

These extracts would require effort on the part of the students to supply the responses. (One mark in each extract will be for vocabulary and remaining three marks will be for testing local and global comprehension.)

(ii) One out of two questions extrapolative in nature based on any one of the prose lessons from Textbook to be answered in about 60 words. [3 Marks]

(iii) One out of two questions on Drama Text (local and global comprehension questions) (30-40 words)  [3 Marks]

  •  Poetry - Golden Rays -         [9 Marks]

(i) One out of two reference to context from the prescribed poems  [4 Marks]

(ii) Two out of three short answer type questions on interpretation   of themes and ideas contained in the poems to be answered in 30-40 words each.          [5 Marks]

Supplementary Reader - Resolution (10 Marks)

(i) One out of two questions from Supplementary Reader to interpret, evaluate and analyse character, plot or situations occurring in the lessons to be answered in about 80 words.         

[5 Marks]

(ii) One out of two short answer type questions of interpretative and evaluative nature based on lessons to be answered in 30-40 words        [3 Marks]

(iii) One out of two short answer type questions based on factual aspects of the lessons to be answered in 20-25 words. [2 Marks]

Rajasthan Board Class 10 Hindi Syllabus

Road Safety Education (4 Marks)

Poster Making, Carpooling, Comprehension Passage (Driver's Responsibility), Fill in Appropriate alternatives (General Exercise), Speed Writing (Drunk Driving).

Students can download the complete syllabus in the PDF from the link given below:

BSER Class 10 English Syllabus

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