Are you feeling demotivated? Read these books and experience the change

May 15, 2019 13:54 IST
Are you feeling demotivated? Read these books and experience the change

Are you feeling demotivated? Read these inspirational books and learn from the examples that will guide you to march forward no matter how tough the journey seems. It is normal to feel dejected at time due to extreme exam pressure or failures. However, rather than looking back and repenting on your loss, you must try to work harder with determination to achieve the set goals. If you are feeling dejected and want to start again, the following books will give you the power to begin your exam preparation on a fresh note:

Attitude is Everything 

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Yes, attitude is everything! The right attitude has got the power to change your life. Therefore, it is important for you to have the right attitude to become successful in life. This book on Attitude will help you to see life from a different angle and guide you to be strong at time of failures. Apart from this, after reading this book, you will be able to take certain life decisions of your own and hence you will have the space to empower your life.

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Think and Grow Rich

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Think and Grow Rich is a book that is completely based on the famous law of success that illustrates the wisdom and successful lives of men who posses great wealth and achievements. The magic formula of success given by Andrew Carnegie is mentioned in this book as well. All you need to do is read this book and follow the advices to see your life change within a month. This book shows how positive thinking can bring success to life.

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Mindset Book 

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After years of research, this book on Mindset is a magical book that shares the groundbreaking idea of power of our mind. The Book further illustrates how an ideal can be developed and implemented to become successful in life. With several lessons of mind power, intelligence, observation and ideas, this book is a must have for students who want to get good grade in competitive exams. This book will also boost your thinking power.

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Winners Factory: A motivational guide for students 

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This book is a motivational guide for students. The book essentially focuses on the total development of young students including their character, skills and value system. Apart from this, the book will help you to make study plan for the academic year and learn the tips to boost your memory. The Winners Factory is an inspirational book that covers practical tips that you can follow to study and prepare for competitive exams.

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