Responsibilities & Powers of an IAS Officer

District Magistrate is himself a government in the eyes of a Common Man. He is the prime mover in the District and always works as a pivot to coordinate between variouos departments. All the department heads in a district report to him. He is the reposnsible person in the district for the Law and Order an other important things.

When it comes to preferred career choices in government sector, IAS or Indian Administrative Service tops the list. The popularity of IAS as a career choice stems from the fact that it along with monetary compensation, the job offers several perks and privileges that no other job can offer.The Prestige associated with this job is not replicated elswhere. In addition to this, the status and power offered to an IAS officer in the governmental machinery, makes it one of the most desirable career paths in India.

Powers & Responsibilities of an IAS Officer

The clichéd quote ‘With great power comes great responsibility’, stands true for an IAS officer as they have to look after and manage administrative functions as well as implement developmental policies for the government. The powers of an IAS officer are in proportion to responsibilities adhered to them; therefore as an officer grows in their career the responsibilities and powers required to fulfil them also grow accordingly.

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General Responsibilities and associated powers of an IAS officer

Apart from post specific and role specific powers and responsibilities, every IAS officers are given power to fulfil certain generalresponsibilities as mentioned below:

•    To manage the governmental affairs and infrastructure
•    Implement and supervise the implementation process of governmental policies
•    Disburse funds and resources for implementation of policies and upkeep and maintenance of governmental infrastructure
•    Ensure zero irregularities in fund management, as the officer is answerable to the Parliament and respective state legislature for accounting of funds allotted to them

Responsibilities of an IAS officer as per their post/role

As mentioned before, the responsibilities and associated powers of an IAS officer change at different points in their career. The general ones are given below:

•    At Sub-Divisional Level: IAS officers are posted at sub-divisional level on the post of sub-divisional magistrate at the beginning of their career. Here, they have to maintain law & order as well as look after general administrative and developmental work in the area allotted under their jurisdiction.

•    At District Level: IAS officers are deployed on District Magistrate’s post or as a District Collector or Deputy Commissioner.

The responsibilities and associated powers of IAS officer at district level remain same. They have to look after administrative affairs of the district and implement and supervise developmental work in the area allotted under their jurisdiction.

•    At State Level: IAS officers are promoted to state level administration after being promoted from post of District magistrate. Here, they can be post as a bureaucrat in state secretariat or head of departments. This is the time when they use their field level experience in the Policy Formation and advise the elected executives for the Policy Decisions.

•    In Public Sector Undertakings: Many IAS officers are also posted at high level administrative positions in government owned Public Sector Undertakings as well. New trend shows that most of the Big PSUs are headed by the IAS Officers.

•    At Central Level: Posting with central government lies at top of the hierarchy as far as IAS offices postings are concerned. At central level, the officer can serve as Cabinet Secretary, Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, Director, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary under different departments or ministries of central government.The main responsibility of an IAS officer at central level is to formulate and overview the implementation of governmental policies in different ministries like finance, defence or commerce.

So we can see that the influence area of the IAS Officer is very broad and his decisions at any level ca influence the course of the Society. He is the concern person in case of any emergency or natural disaster. So IAS is the most sought after jobin India. We have various examples where IIM passouts had left their job and join the IAS.

We wish best of luck to you.

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