SBI PO Group Discussion (GD) 2017 : Guidelines

Group Discussion in this whole recruitment process is quite important as the candidate through this phase gets tested whether he could turn out to be a team man handling the problems together or just splits away.

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SBI PO GD/PI Guidelines
SBI PO GD/PI Guidelines

With SBI PO Mains examination results for the written examination coming out the third and last phase of the recruitment is about to begin in coming days. The third phase consisting of a personal interview and Group discussion would follow after the written examination. Those students who have successfully go through with the written examination would get a chance to appear for the personal interview and group discussion.

Though in a personal interview the candidates need to be present individually in front of the bench of recruiters present for the recruitment, the Group Discussion includes many students who join together to debate on particular issues and ideas in front of the panel of members there to evaluate them on their performances. The analyzing skills and descriptive style get checked through this phase making the candidates ready to undergo job challenges in future.

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There are some guidelines that would help the candidates scoring well in the SBI PO, Group Discussion round.

  • Read current affairs thoroughly:  Though it might not seem to be like the other written tests, you still need to learn about the current affairs by heart. The candidates are required to go through all the latest current affairs so that they can debate while the group discussion is on process regarding any contemporary issue or matter of interest. This can enhance your chances of getting jobs later onwards if you can satisfy the recruiters present at the ground.
  • Enhance your debate skills: You might need to prove your point among all the other candidates who are present in your batch for the group discussion and for that you should be debatable. You must present points that carry values and are not baseless. Make sure what you are talking about has ample backing and if needed you can prove your point then and there. There are other candidates who might try and break you by debating rigorously, but all you need to do is to stick to the right points you are making and wait for the others to break down.
  • Work on your voice and pitching: While going through the Group Discussion round, you might need to be on your best and speak up with confidence and vigour. The voice and pitch should be in sync with the debate that is taking place. There might not always be debates amongst the candidates but a general healthy discussion is a must and is expected from the candidates to check their knowledge of the immediate surroundings and intelligence quotient.
  • Dress yourself accordingly: Group discussion round is nothing less than a personal interview and you should be presentable while making your points. The candidates must be aware of the dress code that needs to get maintained to get additional scores to their overall mark sheet, deciding their future. Proper formal attire would give you a serious and sober look which you can carry along with your wisdom and knowledge while going through the Group Discussion round.
  • Be Patient and listen: Group discussions are not only about blabbering and false talking or making your points clear, but it requires the candidates to be avid listeners too. You might get valuable points and those can work as cues for you to begin your part of talking from there on. Listening to the other candidates might help you get more information about the topic that you are talking about. You should listen to the responses of the other candidates and recruiters whenever they are trying to make a point.
  • Follow the rules and regulations: Before the beginning of the group discussions, you would get to know about some of the rules and regulations formulated by the authorities to keep a check on the whole process. The candidates must go through to these rules and regulations carefully and then start making their points regarding any issue or matter at hand.  Not following any particular rule might turn out to be a mistake, making your chances doom for the final selection.
  • Keep your nerves calm: A group discussion or debate is not always easy and you might find situations when there would be no points coming in for you to discuss. In such cases do not repeat yourself and don’t get nervous. Take some time and use the time to calm yourself. New ideas would flow in as soon as you cool your head down and look for answers with a composed mind.

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  • Take note of the time: Do not come late to the group discussion round at all, as there are other candidates with whom you might get paired. Apart from being on time, you must check the time you are speaking about a topic as well. You should be very articulate and limit your words in such a way that it doesn’t turn out to be boring and steady. You should be an avid speaker amongst the others to make a mark of yourself.

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