Science Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers May 2011, May 9- May 15

Science Current Affairs Quiz May 2011, Online Science Current Affairs Quiz with Question and Answers, Latest Science Quizzes, Quizzes based on Scientific Developments, Science Quiz for NDA, CDS, Banking Examinations, MBA, Railway, Civil Services Exam and other Competitive Exams

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Feb 19, 2014, 01:01 IST
Science Current Affairs Quiz
Science Current Affairs Quiz

Science Current Affairs Quiz test the participant’s knowledge on latest discoveries, technological advancements made and in the process further enhances an individual’s knowledge base. The quizzes also cover the Environment-Ecology segment. Number of questions is asked from this segment in the competitive exams. Science Current Affairs quiz for May 2011  will help you in the preparation for NDA, CDS, Bank PO, MBA, NABARD, RBI, Railway, SSC, Civil Services and other Exams.

1. Scientists recently made a discovery which could improve photo electrochemical cells. Consider the given statements regarding the discovery.
i) Photo electrochemical cells use sunlight to drive chemical reactions that produce hydrogen from water.
ii) The process involves using a light- sensitive semi-conducting material, cuprous oxide to provide the current required to fuel the reaction. However, the oxide is unstable if exposed to light in water.
iii) Scientists overcame this problem by covering the semiconductor with a thin film of atoms using the atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique.
Choose the right option:
a)    All i, ii and iii are correct.
b)    Only ii and iii are correct.
c)    Only i and iii are correct.
d)    Only i and ii are correct.
Answer: (a) All i, ii and iii are correct.

2. Supreme Court of India ruled out corrective action in Bhopal gas tragedy case. Which of the following gas leaked during the Bhopal gas tragedy?
a) MIC (methyl isocyanate)
b)  CO (Carbon Monoxide)
c) Methane
d)  Mustard gas
Answer: (a) MIC( methyl isocyanate)

3. US department of Agriculture scientists developed optical scanning system, using a sophisticated camera and other pieces of equipment to examine apples and other fresh produce items. What is the name of the camera used in the system?
a) High-speed multispectral/hyperspectral line scanner
b) Low-speed multispectral/ hyperspectral line scanner
c) UV fluorescent camera
d) Super technology low angle camera
Answer: (a) High Speed multispectral/hyperspectral line scanner

4. The expert group headed by Kirit Parikh on strategies for low carbon growth submitted its report on 9 May 2011. Which one of the following had appointed the expert group?
a) Planning Commission of India
b) Union Ministry of Environment and Forests
c) Finance Commission of India
d) Knowledge Commission of India
Answer: (a) Planning Commission of India

5. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev proposed a plan to improve the safety standards in nuclear power plants of the world on 26 April 2011 to mark the 25th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl. Where is the site of accident located now?
a) Ukraine
b)  Kazakhstan
c) China
d) Germany
Answer: (a) Ukraine


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