Scoring good in board exams

What is the best way to score good marks in boards?  What are some tips to score well in CBSE exams?

Created On: Mar 16, 2011 18:30 IST
Modified On: Mar 17, 2011 11:12 IST
Scoring good in board exams
Scoring good in board exams

Q: How should I prepare my subjects to get 95% marks in boards?

A: If you have come down to 85% in the prelims examination,it could possibly be because the papers may have been particularly challenging as they are meant to be for a pre-board exam-so that you work harder for the board exams.It is good to hear that you have set yourself a goal of 95%.A way to check how well prepared you are for the target marks is to solve time-bound exam papers from other school prelims exams. These papers are available on various schools' websites.Usually the prelims papers of most schools are challenging.If you mark yourself, or ask your school teachers to correct your papers after you have solved them,you will know how far you are from the target or not. Solving papers alone is sometimes not enough, you need to solve them within the stipulated time and evaluate them.You will surely meet your target then.

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