SCRA Exam Paper on General Ability- 2009

Find here the 2009 SCRA Question Paper on General Ability

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General Ability

Direction (For the 15 items which follow):

In this Section you have five short passages. After each passage, you will find several questions based on the passage. First, read a Passage, and then answer the questions based on it. You are required to select your answer based on the contents of the passage and opinion of the author only.


People start smoking various reasons. Sometimes they get into this habit because they feel it makes them look sophisticated. People may get hooked to this habit. Then smoking becomes a part of their lifestyle. They become addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes. However. there is a definite link between smoking and lung cancer. heart disease and chronic bronohitis. Besides heavy smokers wrinkle faster. Passive smoking is equally harmful. Non-smokers are cautioned not to stay around smokers. The inhalation of smoke by non-smokers is dangerous. Wives of smokers are more at risk of lung cancer than the wives of non-smokers.

Shiv Khera

1. In this passage, the expression "get hooked to" means to become

(a) dull-witted

(b) habituated and addicted

(c) emotionally unpleasant

(d) completely commited

2. Smoking primarily casuses

(a) lung cancer

(b) infectious diseases

(c) ageing

(d) nicotine addiction

3. " Passive smoking" refers to

(a) people who smoke occasionally

(b) wives of smokers who inhale smoke

(c) non-smokers who inhale smoke

(d) people who to inhale smoke


My father wished me to become a carpentere like himself. For five generations we have carried on the same trade, from father to son. Perhaps that is the wisdom of life, to tread your father's steps, and look neither to the right nor to the left. When I was a little boy I said I would marry the daughter of the harness-maker who lived next door. She was a littel girl with blue eyes and a flaxen pigtail. She would have kept my house like a new pin, and I should have a son to carry on the business after me.

4. The author's father wished the author to become a carpenter because

(a) he himself was a carpenter

(b) he had great love for handicrafts

(c) the author was unfit for any other thing

(d) carpentry was their hereditary occupation

6. From the passage, we can say that the author

(a) followed his father's occupation

(b) did not follow the occupation of his family

(C) did not do anything

(d) become a harness-maker


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SCRA Exam Paper on General Ability - 2009



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