SCRA Exam Paper on General Ability - 2011

Find here 2011 SCRA Question Paper on General Ability.

Jan 23, 2012 15:25 IST
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General Ability

Direction (For the ten items which follow):

(i) In this section, a number of sentences are given. The sentences are underlined in three separate parts and each one is labelled (a), (b) and (c) Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any underlined part. No sentence has more than one error. When you find an error in any one of the underlined parts (a), (b) or (c), indicate your response on the separate Answer Sheet at the appropriate space. You may feel that there is no error in a sentence. In that case, letter (d) will signify a No error response.

(ii) You are to indicate only one response for each item in your Answer Sheet. (If you indicate more than one response, your answer will be considered wrong) Error amy be in grammar, word usage or idioms. There may be a word missing or there may be a word which should be removed.

(iii) You are not required to correct the error. You are required only to indicate your response on the Answer Sheet.

Explanation: In item P , the word 'signed' is wrong. The letter under this part is (b), so (b) is the correct answer. Similarly, for item Q, (d) is the correct answer, as the sentence does not contain any error.


1.  The gardener could not cut the grass today    because the handle of the machine

                         (a)                                                    (b)

 has broken a few days ago.          No error

             (c)                                    (d)

2.  He studied in Australia  Since   two years    and got his doctrorate degree    No error

              (a)                                (b)                   (c)                                    (d)

3.  My father does not mind             to be disturbed

                 (a)                                   (b)

While he is reading the newspaper.     No error

             (c)                                      (d)

4.  When the company offered him a parse on his retirement         he refused

                     (a)                                                                         (b)

       to agree it.                No error

             (c)                        (d)

5The ship sank                 before the rescue party         arrived            No error

         (a)                                      (b)                              (c)                 (d)

Click on the link below to download the complete paper.

SCRA Exam Paper on General Ability - 2011


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