SCRA Exam Paper on Physical Science- 2010

Find here the 2010 SCRA Question Paper on Physical Sciences


Jan 24, 2012 17:16 IST
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Physical Sciences

1. What is the lateral displacement of a ray of light passing through a parrllel plate of glass of thickness t with angles of incidence and refraction respectively as α and β ?

(a) t sec (α/β)

(b) t sin(α-β) sec β

(c) t sin (α-β)

(d) t cos (α-β) cosec β

2. A spacesship is a launched into a cirular orbit close to the Earth's surface. Waht additional velocity has to be imparted to the spaceship to overcome the gravitational pull ? (radius of the Earth is R)

(a) gR

(b) √2 gR

(c) (√-1) √gR

(d) (√2-1) gR

3. What is the trajectory of a particles if it moves according to the kaw x=a sin(ωt) and y=a cos(2ωt) ?

(a) Circle

(b) Parabola

(c) Hyperbola

(d) Elipse

4. The velocity of a particle moving in the positive direction of x-axis varies as v=α√x where α is a positive constant. Assuming t=0, the particle is at x=0. Waht is the time dependence on displacement ?

(a) t=2x/α

(b) t=2√x/α

(c) t=2√x/√α

(d) t=√2x/√α

5. A Particle of mass m moves in a borizontal circle of radius r under the influence of a centripetal force given by-kr-2, where k is a constant. What is the energy of the particle ?

(a) k/r

(b) -k/(2r)

(c) k/(2r)

(d) -k/r

Click on the link below to download the complete paper.

SCRA Exam Paper on Physical Science - 2010



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