Sharing with you the tips followed by board exam toppers

Board exams play a major role in shaping our careers and have become the foundation of our future that is why getting good marks in these examinations is very important as they will take us to another level altogether.

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Every year, after the results of board exams for classes 10 and 12 are declared, we come across the news about the toppers and their marks. Also, some media share their stories of success and the process of their preparation that enabled the toppers to score so heavily.

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This leaves us wondering where we missed out or where and how we can adopt the same or other methods and be among the top scorers when we appear for our board exams.

To draft a schedule is easy but to adhere to it and follow it thoroughly is what makes the difference.

We are sharing with you certain ideas that are very practical and feasible to make a difference in your style of preparation for the board exams.

1 Time dedicated to study

Without a doubt you have to chalk out a minimum time daily to dedicate to your studies. Ideally, the duration per day should be between 10 to 12 hours. With this much amount of time on your hands you will be able to go through your lessons several times and with every revision, the concept will get clearer cutting out the doubts.
It is also advised that you start at the same time every day so that your body and mind get in sync with the timetable that you have set. And yes, take the much-needed breaks in between.

2 Clear all your doubts

No matter how much you have studied throughout the year, a few doubts are bound to remain and you must get them cleared from the related faculties and departments. Don’t leave it for the last moment rather get it done at the earliest, most preferably the moment you sense it.

3 Plan a strategy

Formulating a strategy will give you a psychological advantage and much clarity since you will be aware of all the topics you have to cover and average time each topic will take. You have to work on the strategies right from the beginning of the session. Never procrastinate even a small topic for the last moment. Get hold of sample question papers and solve them just like you would do during the real exam. Set a target and timeline to achieve it and plug in the loopholes.

4 Self study

All through the session, you attend the class and study with your classmates. Apart from that, it is also very beneficial to do self-study. Self-study will let you revise in privacy. It will also help you to identify the areas where you have to improve.

5 Stick to your syllabus

Once you have been given the syllabus just stick to it. Never touch anything that is not a part of it nor go for unnecessary study material. If at all you feel the need to acquire some extra knowledge, there is no source more valuable and reliable than your own teacher.

6 Take a chill pill

When it is about board exams you cannot afford to take it easy. But that does not mean that you completely give up on fun activities. Take out time to relax, listen to music, play your favourite game, watch TV, or anything amusing that soothes your nerves.

7 Give social media a break

Social media is addictive, and once you start chatting or interacting then there’s no end to your involvement. You will post something or reply to somebody else’s post and then there will be feedback. If the content is disturbing or not matching your taste then it will disturb your entire thought process and the cycle goes on. So, stay away from any social media activity for that crucial phase.

Conclusion: Board exams are vital hence you must give them your best possible effort. Also, manage the right balance between studies and relaxing. And remember, there is no substitute for hard work.

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