Smart tips to get success in every group discussion

Know the secrets to get success in group discussion and get admission in top B-schools.

Created On: Oct 10, 2019 18:28 IST
Smart tips for Indian Students to get success in every group discussion
Smart tips for Indian Students to get success in every group discussion

The path to success is never too easy, whether it’s cracking an interview or winning a game. However, we shall restrict our conversation to achieving success in group discussions for getting admission in top B-schools. Commonly, every B-school includes group discussions as a major part of their selection process. Therefore, if you are preparing for MBA entrance examinations, you must start brushing up your GD skills simultaneously with your preparation for the written test. 

In Group Discussions, a topic from any field and of any type is presented in-front of candidates to debate upon. There is necessarily no right or wrong answers (unless the topic is based on fact-checking) in GD as the purpose here is to judge the communication skills, personality and convincing power of candidates. Typically, clashes of opinions and views take place in a group discussion, and candidates who are able to present their points with confidence make it to the finishing line.

So, how to prepare for group discussions? Are there any study materials available for it? Relax!  We are here to share the best tips to get success in group discussions:

Become a voracious reader

You must make it a habit to start reading on various subjects regularly. This will help you to have a firm grip on a particular subject. Besides, through the practice of reading, you will develop a knack of looking at things with many different perspectives. As you start exploring the habit of reading, you will also gain in confidence and your vocabulary will get good as well. All these things, will give you an upper edge in any group discussion as now you know to present your opinion with wit and logic. 

Figure out the common GD topics

Sometimes, there’s no harm in playing with your sixth sense. So stay updated with what’s going on in various B-schools, consult the past students, and figure out those topics that are generally asked in the group discussions. For instance, topics on gender inequality, privatization, controversies and many more have become common GD topics. This will give you the space to prepare on such topics well in advance and you will be able to present your opinions smartly as now you have the subject knowledge.  

Communication skills matter

It is better that you brush up your communication skills well before the final date of the group discussion. Make sure to sit with your friends, start a discussion on any topic, and see how it goes for you.  Try to observe how your friends are reacting on your opinions, are you able to put your points in a comprehensive way and are you keeping you calm during the conversation? All these things will help you to self-judge your skills and subsequently enhance your communication skills.

Become a good listener

No matter how you good you are at proving your points, don’t try to overhear what others have to say. This will leave a wrong impression in the eyes of panelists, and they might see the arrogant side of yours, which is not going to help you in anyway. Therefore, have respect for others, be patient, and listen calmly to what your opponents are saying.

Maintain balance and harmony in your tone

This is very important as you need to stick to your points and you must know clearly what you are speaking about. Never try to say something that contradicts your own opinions as digressing from the subject of topic may allow your opponents to pounce back on you. Therefore, remember to hold the base of your opinions and views and proceed ahead sticking to your points. This will make it clear in-front of everyone that you are honest in your opinions.

To say the least, you are the self-controller in group discussions. It’s better to keep the aforementioned points in mind and present yourself with wit, logic and common sense. Importantly, never try to lose your calm and try to listen what others have to say. If you strictly all these points, getting success in any group discussion will be a child’s play for you.

Hope you are going to follow and implement these tips to get success in GDs. In case, we have missed out on some points or you want to have your say, make sure to pen down your thoughts in the comment section. Also, you can share this article around your circle to let your friends know about the tips to get success in group discussions. If you want to stay updated with similar stories, please visit, and subscribe to our newsletter.

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