Solved SRCC GBO 2013 Question Paper: Quantitative Ability

Find here the fully solved Quantitative Ability section from Global Business Operations 2013 question paper here. It has 40 questions in it. GBO is conducted by Sri Ram College of Commerce, SRCC (Delhi University) every year.

Apr 1, 2013 17:36 IST
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Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) is a very prestigious college of Delhi University. It conducts its own MBA Entrance Examination by the name of Global Business Operation every year. It has an intake of 40 seats. Find here the Solved Quantitative Ability section from Global Business Operation 2013 Exam. It consists of 40 questions.


4. The units digit of (2002)2002 is

1)  2

2)  4

3)  6

4)  8

5. Three different numbers are chosen such that when each of the numbers is added to the average of the remaining two, the number 65, 69 and 76 are obtained. The average of the three original number is

1)  35

2)  38

3)  43

(4) 70

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