SSC CHSL 2021 Mock Test General Intelligence and Reasoning with Answers|Important Questions

SSC CHSL 2021 General Intelligence and Reasoning Mock Test & Important Questions: Practicing Mock Tests can help you in many ways in your exam preparation. We have covered all the relevant topics from both verbal and non-verbal reasoning segments as both are important from the SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam perspective. So start your preparation for General Intelligence and Reasoning Section with this 1st Mock Test.

SSC CHSL 2021 Mock Test General Intelligence and Reasoning with Answers|Important Questions
SSC CHSL 2021 Mock Test General Intelligence and Reasoning with Answers|Important Questions

SSC CHSL 2021 General Intelligence and Reasoning Mock Test & Important Questions: If practiced well, General Intelligence and Reasoning can become one of the highest-scoring sections of the SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam. For your practice, we have designed mock papers that will test your ability to think and solve problems. The questions asked in this section are mainly the brain teasers and sometimes can be quite tricky to answer.

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We have covered the following two major categories of General Intelligence & Reasoning Section in this mock test:

1. Verbal Reasoning

2. Non-Verbal Reasoning

So, let’s start the practice with the 1st General Intelligence & Reasoning Mock Test. You must try to finish all the 25 questions within 20 minutes time duration. After attempting all the questions, you can assess your performance by checking answers along with their Answers are given latter in this article.

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General Intelligence & Reasoning Mock Test-1

1. 729: 3:: 64: __? __

a) -686

b) 686

c) 1

d) 2

2. Iron: anaemia::Sleep: __? __

a) Somnambulism

b) Dreams

c) Insomnia

d) Nightmare

Direction (3-4): Choose the odd numeral pair/group in each of the following questions:


a) 18-36

b) 15-25

c) 25-54

d) 27-81


a) Evil: Good

b) Lie: Truth

c) Abstract: Concrete

d) Sound: Light

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Direction (5-6): Complete the series

5. 64  128  92  220 148  404 ?

a) 332

b) 296

c) 276

d) 260

6. 5  6 16 57 ? 1245 7506

a) 6

b) 16

c) 57

d) 248

7. If OUGHT is coded as ABCDE in a certain language. How can TOUGH be coded in the same language?





8. If BITER is coded as KLMNO in a certain language. How can TRIBE be coded in the same language?





9. Pointing to a man in the Photograph Kabir said, ‘His son’s mother is the only daughter in law of my mother’.  Who is the person in photograph to Kabir?

a) Brother

b) Uncle

c) Father

d) None of these

10. In a cinema hall, 8 friends, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O are sitting in a straight line according to the following rules:

• J is the neighbour of K.

• H is just next to the left of L.

• I is in one of the two seats in the middle.

• M is the only one sitting between I and L.

If N is not sitting at the extreme end, then who occupies the extreme right seat?

a) H

b) J

c) K

d) None of these

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11. Rahul and Govind start a race, and together they run for 50m. Rahul turns right and runs 60m. While Govind turns left and runs 40m. Then Rahul turns left and runs 50m. While Govind turns right and runs 50m. How far are both now from the each other?

a) 60m

b)  100m

c)  20m

d)  150m

SSC CHSL 2021 Reasoning Important Topics

12. How many such letters are there in the word “ACCELERATION” each of which is as far away from the beginning of the word as it is from the beginning of the English Alphabet?

a) None

b) One

c) Two

d) Three

13. Study the following number sequence and  answer the questions given below it.

5  9  6  3  7  1  2  5  3  8  4  7  9  5  2  4  7  2  5  8  8  6  7  6  1  4

How many odd numbers are there in the sequence each of which is immediately followed by to an odd number?

a) 2

b) 3

c)  4

d)  More than 4

Direction (14-15): Answer the questions based on the number sequence below

543 589 657 758 732 685

14. If the first and last digits of each number are interchanged what would be the second largest number?

a) 756

b) 857

c) 985

d) 874

15. Which number in the sequence has the highest sum of its digits?

a) 758

b) 732

c) 685

d) 589

16. Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1. Country

2. Continent

3. Earth

4. District 5. State

a) 3, 2, 4, 5, 1

b) 3, 2, 1, 5, 4

c) 3, 1, 5, 4, 2

d) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

17. Statement: Some leaders are as corrupts as Mahesh.


a) Mahesh is corrupt.

b) Most of the leaders are corrupt.

c) Mahesh is not corrupt.

d) Leaders are not corrupt.

18. What replaces the question mark?

a) 15

b) 16

c) 17

d) 18

19. In a certain code, ABET is written as 3-5-11-41, how will CUBE be written in same code?

a) 3-41-5-11,

b) 9-35-5-11,

c) 1-17-5-11,

d) 7-43-5-11

20. Among the five given figure, four figures follow the same Pattern and one figure is different from these four. Mark this figure (which is different from the other four) as your answer.

21. In the following question, choose the correct mirror image from the alternatives (a), (b), (c) and (d), when mirror is placed on the line AB.

22. Spotting out the embedded figures

23. Completion of incomplete Pattern

24. In the following example, find the one which resembles the pattern formed when the transparent sheet, carrying a design is folded along the dotted line along the direction shown by the arrow.

25. Choose the box that is similar to the box formed from the given sheet of paper (X).

a) A only

b) B  only

c) C only

d) D  only

General Intelligence and Reasoning Mock Test-1: Answers with Answers

1. Answer (b)

2. Answer (c)

Explanation:  Iron deprivation is Anaemia and the condition in which there is sleep deprivation is Insomnia.

3. Answer (c)

Explanation: In all the pairs except 25-54, the second number is the square of one-third of the first number.

4. Answer (d)

Explanation:  Except d, the rest of combination of antonyms.

5. Answer (d)

Explanation:  64 128 92 220 148 404 ?

See the bold part. It makes a series as follows:

64 92 148 ?

+28 +56 +112

Hence,? Will be replaced by 260.

6. Answer (d)

Explanation: Here the series is

5 × 1 + 12 = 6;

6 × 2 + 22 = 16;

16 × 3 + 32 = 57;

57 × 4 + 42 = 244;

244 × 5 + 52 = 1245;

1245 × 6 + 62 = 7506

Hence, ? should be replaced by 244.

7. Answer (d)

Explanation:  Here, the code for O = A, U = B, G = C, H = D and T = E. Then, the code for TOUGH is EABCD.

8. Answer (b)

Explanation: Here, the code for B = K, I = L, T = M,  E = N and R = O. Then,  the code for TRIBE is MOLKN.

9. Answer (d)

Explanation: The person is Kabir himself.

10. Answer (d)


The possible Answers are:    H  N/O  L M I O/N J/K  K/J

Thus, Either J or K occupies extreme right seat.

11. Answer (b)

Explanation: Rahul and Govind will finish on a straight line and the distance between them will be = 40 + 60 = 100m.

12. Answer (b)

Explanation: Clearly, C is the third letter in the word “ACCELERATION” as well as in the English Alphabet. Therefore, there is only one such letter.

13. Answer (d)


14. Answer (b)

Explanation: The required sequence would be: 345 985 756 857 237 586

15. Answer (d)

Explanation: 543= 5+4+3= 12

589= 5+8+9= 22

657= 6+5+7= 18

758= 7+5+8= 20

732= 7+3+2= 12

685= 6+8+5= 19.

16. Answer (b)

Explanation: Correct Answer is Option b)

17. Answer (a)

Explanation: The statement clearly tells Mahesh is corrupt but nothing can be said about the leaders.

18. Answer (b)

Explanation: Moving clockwise, around alternate segments in the chain, one sequence decreases by 1, 2, 3 and 4 each time, while the other increases by 2, 3, 4 and 5.

19. Answer (d)

Explanation: Coding pattern is (2n + 1) where n = position of alphabet in alphabetic order.

20. Answer (c)

Explanation: In each figure there are 2 symbols and each symbol is present twice while in option (c) each symbol is present thrice.

21. Answer (b)

Explanation: Correct answer is option b)

22. Answer (d)

Explanation: The figure X is embedded in option (d).

23. Answer: (b)

Explanation: As figures (b) and (c) are similar to each other, then figure (a) and (d) must also be similar.
We can obtain the answer figure for the missing portion by rotating the question figure by 180°.
So, it is clear that answer figure (b) will replace (?) to make the question figure complete.

24. Answer (d)

Explanation: After folding the paper we will get option (d) as a answer.

25. Answer (b)

Explanation: Correct answer is Option b)

We have covered the following topics in the above Mock Test-1:

General Intelligence and Reasoning Topics

Number of Questions





Series completion








Puzzle Test


Direction Sense Test


Alphabet Test




Mathematical Operations


Logic Sequence of Words


Logical Deduction


Inserting the Missing Characters


Arithmetical Reasoning


Non-Verbal Classification


Mirror Image


Spotting the embedded figure


Completion of incomplete pattern


Paper Folding and Cutting


Cubes & Dice




The difficulty level of the above mock test was ranging between easy to moderate level and a good score would lie between 20 to 23 marks. Don’t stop your practice until you achieve efficiency and accuracy. Try another mock test here – General Intelligence and Reasoning.

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