SSC FCI Grade II Exam (Paper I): Solved Question Paper

Find here the completely solved question paper of SSC FCI Grade II Exam (Paper I)

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The SSC FCI Grade II Exam (Paper I) was conducted on 22 January 2012. The solved question paper provided here covers all segments namely General English, General Intelligence, General Awareness etc. solve the questions now and be better prepared for SSC recruitment exams of the Combined Graduate Level

Directions (1-5) : In the following questions, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is your answer. If a sentence is free from errors, then your answer is (4) i.e. No error.

1. You have been doing (1 )/your homework (2)/regularly? (3)/ No error (4)

2. The same procedure (1)/ also should (2)/ for the final assessment (3) / No error (4)

3. I must find out (1)/ some means to balance (2)/ my budget (3) / No error (4)

4. Thank you, (1)/1 am fine (2)/ completely. (3) / No error (4)

5. He asked me (1)/when could I finish (2)/ the work. (3) / No error (4)

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SSC FCI Grade II Exam (Paper I): Solved Question Paper