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SSC GD Constable 2015: Evening Shift Question Paper

Jun 7, 2018 18:55 IST
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ssc constable previous paper
ssc constable previous paper

Dear SSC aspirants, we are sharing a full paper for SSC GD constable exam 2015 held in Evening Shift. This paper contains questions from General intelligence, General knowledge, Elementary Mathematics and English Language. Each section is comprised of 25 questions ranging from easy to medium level. So, attempt all questions and prepare study accordingly. Let us take a look-

SSC GD Constable 2015: Question Paper

Part A : General Intelligence and Reasoning

1. From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


a) Strain

b) Tradition

c) Ration

d) Situation

Question Nos. 2 to 5

Directions: Select the related word/letter/ number from the given alternatives.


a) GUM




3. 8 : 81 :: 64 : ?

a) 137

b) 125

c) 625

d) 525

4. CARD : JOKER :: BOOK : ?





5. AK : FP :: XD : ?

a) TE

b) SJ

c) CI

d) BH

SSC GD Constable reasoning question paper 2015 (Evening Shift)

Part B: General Knowledge and General Awareness

6. Which among the following countries was the first to give women the right to vote?

a) Iceland

b) U.S.A

c) New Zealand

d) India

7. A very hot and dry local wind blowing across North Indian plains in summer is:

a) foehn


c) mistral

d) jet stream

8. In India, National Youth day is celebrated on:

a) 12th January

b) 1st January

c) 20th January

d) 30th January

9.  The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is:

a) adding caustic soda

b) distillation

c) boiling

d) adding sodium carbonate

10. Who sis the woman Boxer to win Silver medal in London Olympics of 2012:

a) Nicola Adams

b) Mary Kom

c) Ka Tie Taylor

d) Natasha Jonas

SSC GD Constable 2015: GK question paper (Evening Shift)

Part C: Elementary Mathematics

11. The time required for a boy to travel along the external and internal boundaries of a circular path are in the ratio 20:19. If the width of the path be 5 metres, the internal diameter is:

a) 195 metres

b) 192 metres

c) 190 metres

d) 180 metres

12. A man rows 750 m in 600 seconds against the stream and returns in 7 ½ minutes. Its rowing speed in still water is (in Km/hr).

a) 5.75

b) 5

c) 5.5

d) 5.25

13. Ram bought a bike for Rs. 60,000. He paid Rs. 10000 cash down and the rest at the end of 2 years at 15% simple interest. How much more did he pay as simple interest?

a) Rs. 25,000

b) Rs. 15,000

c) Rs. 50,000

D) Rs. 35,000

14. If Rs. 510 be divided among A, B, C in such a way that A gets 2/3 of what B gets and B gets 1/4 of what C gets then their shares are respectively-

a) Rs. 150, Rs. 300, Rs. 60

b) Rs. 60, Rs. 90, Rs 360

c) Rs. 150, Rs. 240, Rs. 120

d) Rs. 120, Rs. 240, Rs. 150

15. Six friends have an average height of 167 cms. A boy with height 162 cm leaves the group. Find the new average height.

a) 167 cm

b) 168 cm

c) 169 cm

d) 166 cm

SSC GD Constable question paper 2015: Elementary Maths (Evening Shift)

Part D: English

Directions: Some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and blacken the circle corresponding to the appropriate correct option. If a sentence is free from error, blacken the circle corresponding to “No Error” option in the Answer Sheet.

16. The camp beside ours has been build in 1966 by John’s brother.

a) by John’s brother

b) No error

c) has been built in 1966

d) The camp beside ours

17. I have been waiting for you since two hours.

a) I have been waiting

b) No error

c) since two hours

d) for  you

18. An idea was worth nothing if it has no champion.

a) No error

b) An idea

c) if it has no champion

d) was worth nothing

Directions: Sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by blackening the appropriate circle in the Answer Sheet.

19. He has been staying in Delhi ________ a long time.

a) from

b) till

c) for

d) since

20. Jones is a member of our ________

a) coup

b) counter

c) council

d) counsel

SSC GD Constable 2015 English question paper (Evening Shift)

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