Step by step guide to interview preparation for college students

Struggling to prepare for the campus placement interviews? Follow this step by step guide for interview preparations  for college students.

Created On: Dec 18, 2019 15:46 IST
Step By Step Guide to interview preparation
Step By Step Guide to interview preparation

Interviews are the last step in the selection process for any internship or job that the student has applied for. They also happen to hold a lot of impact on the final decision regarding the selected candidates as they are the only step of personal interaction between the applicant and the employer. Written tests or aptitude tests can only tell so much about a person's capability and personality. But when sitting face to face all the veils are shed and both the parties have a much better understanding of the other ones requirements and capabilities.

However, interviews are more crucial for the applicant than they are for the employers. There are certain things that an applicant has to keep in mind, things he needs to practice and get habitual of during the mock interviews. Suppose, a situation where your test went alright but wasn't very impressive, a good personal interview might be the turning point to help you land the job offer. Thus, to assist you in giving your best here is a step by step guide for interview preparations for college students.

After receiving the interview call

Received the interview call? Good, congratulate yourself for you have reached the final stage of the selection process. But remember congratulate not celebrate. You have reached the final stage but not cleared it yet. Now is the time to gear up for the final hurdle. And before you take the final challenge there are some tasks that need to be carried out with utmost attention. The first of them being,          

Send a prompt response - once you have received the call for interview make sure that you respond promptly. A late or delayed response may indicate that you are not interested in the offer. But at the same time be careful that your reply does not show too much excitement. Also ask them for any other things that you might need clarification upon such as, the dress code and all.

The Days Leading Up to the interview date

Once you have replied back your confirmation for acceptance of the interview offer it is time for the last minute preparations before the final day. There some things that you need  to be prepared for beforehand such as  

Research the company's background - it is important to have an overview about the company you might be working for in near future. Sometimes even the interviewers happen to ask questions as to what do you know about the company. It's best to be prepared for such situations rather than stare blankly or mumble useless chatter.

Research the team you are applying for - just researching for the company is not enough, you should also have some basic know how about the functioning and the responsibilities of the team that you'd be assigned to if selected. It would also help you put up relevant questions and have a more meaningful conversation leading to a better chance at impressing your interviewers.     

Review The Job Description -  Make sure that you are up to the mark with the job description. Pen down any questions that you have regarding it. Also, with the JD fresh in your mind you will be better able to tailor your answers to meet the expectations of your interviewers.

Practice commonly asked questions - There are some common questions that always come up in an interview. Such as, why do you think you are the right fit for this job? Why do you wish to build a career in this field and why not something else? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Practice answers for such questions beforehand.

The Day of the Interview

Finally it's the day of the interview. Feeling nervous and anxious? Worry not, it's a fairly common thing. Just take deep breaths and try to relax your mind. And follow these  simple steps the morning of the interview and you'll be fine.

Check all the documents  - make sure that you have all your documents in a single place and none of them is missing. Cross check with the document checklist if you were provided any by your employer. Make sure your resume and portfolio are all in place.  

Body Language for Job Interview

Have a proper breakfast - Often the feeling of anxiety and nervousness makes the hunger go away. But make sure to put something in your system before you leave home, even if it counts for a light breakfast. Drink some water but not too much you wouldn't want to frequent trips to the washroom at the place of your interview for it will make you appear nervous and jittery.

How to Impress Your Interviewer?

Leave home a little early - make sure that you take in consideration the traffic and other delays while deciding on the time to leave your home for the interview. Take about half an hour at hand to avoid reaching late at the interview. Best to reach the office 10-15 minutes earlier rather than turn up late and have the interviewers wait for you.

Parameters on which interviewers shortlist potential candidates

Finally, go to the interview room with a calm and relaxed state of mind. Stay focused and have confidence in  your preparation for the interview. Concentrate on doing your best at answering any question posed at you. The rest will sort out on its own, all you need to focus on is giving your best in the room.

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