Stress management techniques that are myths

Know about some stress management techniques that you follow in a wrong way.

Stress management techniques that are myths
Stress management techniques that are myths

Feeling stressed! This statement has become common and every second person on this planet seems to chant it from time to time. It has become an epidemic and is spreading like a wide fire, affecting the lives of younger generation, to be specific. Be it the pressure of doing well in exams or career or the strain of getting married, there’s no escaping stress at any point of time. However, that doesn’t mean to stay stressed every time, and let depression affect your life.  Life is sweet and sour at the same place, and maintaining balance in-between all the turbulences has become the need of the hour.

Therefore, don’t let stress impact your life in any way, and refrain from adopting some stress management techniques that are nothing but a myth, and may backfire as well.

Here, we are listing a few of those stress management practices that are a big fail, and you should refrain from all these techniques:

Career Counseling

Watching one after another movies

Now, this concept of binge watching is common among the youngsters who think it looks cool and also decreases the stress level by watching movies after movies in weekends. They are utterly wrong in this as some international researchers have found that binge watching movies is only going to make you feel guilty and accountable, which will eventually increase your stress level rather than cutting it off.

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Too much Analysis

Over-thinking and pondering upon your problematic situation is going to take you no way. If you are going through an adverse situation and trying to overcome it by over-analyzing it, you are wrong, mate. It’s only going to backfire at it. So, better try to manage such a situation calmly without hampering your other important works.

​Boozing and smoking around

Never ever try to waste your Friday Night by boozing and smoking around in the thought that this will let the stress of past 5 days evaporate within seconds. It is nothing more than a myth that drinking and partying will act an antibiotic in case of stress. Too much drinking and partying may give you temporary satisfaction and relaxation, however, the sooner it gets over, it is going to affect you big time. Stop doing it!

Doing too much comfort eating

Hovering for delicious and junk foods just to feel good is not going to help you in reducing stress. Rather, too much eating will just add to the stress quotient and will start feeling anxious and stressful. Remember one thing that over-eating is not all a stress-buster, it’s just a myth that some people follow blindly. Moreover, your digestion power will get disturbed if you start binge eating. Please make sure to refrain from comfort food habit during the time of stress. Play smart!

Social media is not so social

If you think that interacting and staying on social media for a longer period will reduce your stress level, you are mistaken big time. Staying and chatting over social media will do nothing but will act as a catalyst in increasing your stress level rather reducing it. Surfing on social media channels will affect you and you start feeling the strain instantly. It’s better to stay away from the vicious circle of social media at times of stress, and find an alternative solution like going for a walk or hanging around at some green places.

Hope, you will follow these rules while you are in stress, and play smart in dealing with it. In case, you want to have your say or want to pen down your feedbacks, please feel free to write your valuable comment. In addition, make sure to share this article around your circle to let your friends know about the myths in stress management techniques.

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