Stress relieving tips for college students

Adopt these simple tips to live a stress free life in college.

Stress relieving tips for college students
Stress relieving tips for college students

College students are always struggling to deal with pile of never ending workload. While some of it is the result of their own procrastinations others are the result of ill managed schedules. But no matter what the reason be they are always more prone to stress related problems. For between their lectures, jobs, assignments, parties and other things on their to do list they are always complaining of having too much to do in too less an amount of time. And when these things start to pile up they become more and more unmanageable and start wearing them down, leading to health issues and other problems. A lot of these issues can be prevented with a simple habit of better management of their workload and learning how to keep stress at bay even if things get a little daunting. Mentioned below are some effective stress relieving tips for college students.

Hangout With Your Loved Ones

Spending time with loved ones is a great way of preventing stress build up. Even if you stay away from home make it point to connect with your family at least once every month over a video call or plan a weekend trip home every quarter if possible. Hangout with your friends and roommates every once a while. It will help you break away from a set routine and give you something new to look forward to every once a while. Surround yourself with friends who are supportive and understanding, they come as great saviors during stressful times. You might be surprised by the amazing advices a good friends can offer especially if they have been through a similar situation.     

Look After Your Health

Taking good care of your health both physical and mental can go a long way in keeping stress at bay. Make sure that you eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Also, have a proper sleep pattern and never go on to compromise your sleep. Most students do not realize this but sleep is a very essential element in keeping your body and mind healthy. Pay attention to the signs communicated by your body. Like if you are stressed out your body will indicate it with symptoms like headache, lack of concentration, frustration etc. Learn to read such signs and fix the problems taking shape within your body. Also, if you feel you are experiencing stress on a frequent basis do not hesitate  to talk about it to you parents or someone who can help you deal with.

Make a schedule

In college there are so many things that students are handling at once. Academics, extra-curricular, part-time jobs etc. managing two to three projects at once can be quite difficult for anyone. It can easily drain you of your strength and reduce your productivity while also causing a great toll on your health. When you are juggling between multiple tasks at once, it is best to make yourself a schedule. Define a time space for each task. And stick to the schedule. If  you have a schedule for everything you will be able to look at things as small targets which are easier to achieve and give a sense of accomplishment at each step rather than a mountain of workload that seems impossible to complete. Also, if you feel the things are getting too much for you to handle, learn to say 'no.' If you take up more than you can handle, it would do nothing but wear you down and also the work quality won't be good as you won't be able to give your 100%.

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Listen To Music

Music is a great stress buster. Everyone relates to some or the other genre of music. The songs that you love bring a smile to your face even in the most dire of situations. The musical tunes have a sort of soothing and calming effect on a person's brain relieving us of the tension and the stress building up within our body. Today, one can also listen to playlists based on their moods. Like if you are feeling sad just log in to your favourite music platform and click on the pre-set mood playlist section. Music helps you channel your feelings and gives you sense of belonging, make you feel you are not alone, others too have gone through a similar phase and if they made it out so can you.

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Learn To 'Let Go'  

As the famous proverb goes, 'Why cry over spilled milk?' there is no use beating yourself over something that has already happened. Smart way is to find a solution to fix the problem that has occurred rather than racking your brain over what could have been done to prevent it. But most importantly, do not beat  yourself up over every small thing that has happened. Remember, that everyone makes mistakes, it's the sign of you being human. Learn to let go of things and be a little easy on yourself. Do compliment yourself over every accomplishment no matter how small it may be. Look towards the brighter side and try and develop the attitude of trying to find the positive even in the negative situations. It will foster a optimistic attitude in you thus prevent the buildup of stress in your life.  

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To Conclude,

Hope, this article will help you deal with the stress related problems in your life. Remember, the demon of stress is not something that is invincible or impossible to get rid of. Following the simple tips and tricks mentioned above you can easily prevent the problem of stress from knocking at your doors at the very first step.

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