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Our Expert and Career Counsellor, Mr. Alok Bansal shares his valuable insights for those candidates who want to study abroad after Class 12th. Find out when to apply, how to apply, selection process, exams that you need to appear for, courses/programs available after 12th and many more details.

Are you keen on pursuing higher education from a foreign University but doubts about the courses, colleges, exams and application process holding you back to choose study abroad option? In this article, our expert Mr. Alok Bansal will clear all your doubts about the study abroad option. With his rich expertise in the area of student counselling, Mr. Bansal will enhance your knowledge about the entrance exams you need to appear for qualifying for a foreign university, scholarships options available to the students, courses for which you can apply and which country has a better scope of education as far as your investment in the foreign university is concerned.

Here is a series of major FAQs that will help you understand various facets of study abroad option after class 12th:

Why Study Abroad?

When you plan to take up study abroad option immediately after clearing class 12th, it generally means that you should be targeting premium industries around the world. And when you decide to become a Global citizen so whichever University in the world, be it is Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell your aim should be to study with the best minds in the world. After all you will be investing both, hefty amount and time to seek education from a foreign university, therefore, take that opportunity and go. However, it is important to be aware of the selection process of a foreign university and the coat of education you are going to incur there.   

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All about Study Abroad option after 12th

After completing your 12th class in India, of you plan to study aboard, make sure that you are aware of these pre-requisites that is your entry ticket to a foreign university:

  • Start applying in October to November, an year before you plan to take admission. This means that if you want admission in 2020, you need to apply from 2019 onwards.
  • You need to appear for the SAT entrance exam. You can take this exam immediately after clearing class 10th. This also means that your preparation begins2 years before 12th to make it to a good foreign university.
  • You can also appear for TOEFL or IELTS which is an English language test.
  • Keep your academic and personal profile strong. It is because your performance in 9th, 10th, 11th class might also be taken into consideration at the time of admission.
  • Take for an example, if you have applied for the Computer Engineering course, the related university will look at your exceptional achievements in Computer Science, any projects submitted, any practical assignments attempted before etc.
  • Get expert guidance on writing/filling application form of a foreign university which includes statement of purpose, your interests, your hobbies and why you want to pursue foreign education.
  • Make sure that your application is complete, accepted and faculty outside is willing to give you admission in their University.

Study Abroad and Scholarships after 12th

There is no reason to ditch the idea of pursuing education from abroad because scholarships are very much available! In fact, students can avail upto 100% scholarships from the renowned world Universities. Foreign universities such as Cornell University offer 100% Scholarship and there is a list of universities willing to give free education to talented students.

Before you apply to any university, you must check their website or contact the admission committee to confirm if scholarship option is available for the foreign students. You need to score exceptional marks and get a good rank in the merit list to secure scholarship.

Courses Available with Foreign Universities

Choosing a course is another tricky decision because at times the university you might be targeting is not providing degree in that course. However, be it Engineering, Psychology, Linguistics, History, Archeology, Design or even Journalism, you will seldom find unavailability of these courses abroad. In fact, to add more there are more creative course such a gemology, numerology among others that you can pursue as a full-fledged course outside India. There are areas such as Liberal Arts in which you might need the help of the counselors for admission. Other less popular yet high-in demand courses are Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning that you can aim to seek admission.

Which country has a better scope?

Planning to study abroad option after 12th is easier if you apply to countries such as US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand among other countries. It is important to note that the results of the entrance start appearing much before 12th Board results are out. So, as an aspirant, seeking admission in the foreign university of your choice becomes easy as you get ample time to reject and select the right option.

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