Surviving the exam stress in engineering colleges

Come the exam time and the campus is covered with the clouds of stress. Here are some helpful tips for engineering students to deal with exam time stress.

Created On: Dec 9, 2019 13:12 IST
Surviving the exam stress in engineering colleges
Surviving the exam stress in engineering colleges

The examination time in the engineering colleges is one of the most dreaded time for the students. The closer the days of exams approach the thicker the clouds of stress and nervousness on-campus become. No more hanging out in the canteen for hours even the basketball courts and other sports ground seem deserted. Where some students confine themselves to their rooms to study in peace others flock to the library with their nose buried deep in the notes and reference books day and night. But is this level of stress helpful in preparing for the exams or does it hamper and distract their focus from their studies? It is important to keep the stress at bay and concentrate on studies with a cool and relaxed mind. Mentioned below are some helpful tips and insights to help students cope with the examination stress.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Stress Build-Up during exams

Make a study schedule

Before kicking off your preparation for exams it is important that you build for yourself a study schedule. Design the schedule keeping in mind the number of days you have and the amount of syllabus that you have to cover. Once designed stick to the schedule no matter how hard it seems. And if you design for yourself a suitable schedule you won't face many difficulties in following it.

Set Realistic Targets

While designing the schedule, setting realistic targets is the key to success. If you overload yourself with more work than you can complete in a given time period, you won't be able to stick to the schedule. And once you fail to do that, despair and dejection will take over you leading to further lack of concentration and focus on studies. Have a clear understanding of your strengths and capabilities and design the schedule keeping them in the mind.

Take small breaks

Studying for long hours at stretch without breaks can lead to study burnout and exhaustion. To avoid such a scenario during exam time it is important that you take small refreshing breaks at an interval of every few hours. Go for a walk, talk to a friend or your sibling, Have a coffee break. It will help your mind to relax and refresh and process information much better once you return to your studies. But, be mindful take short breaks only, keeping in mind the pending works on your schedule. Don't indulge in distracting activities during this time like playing games on your smartphones or checking out social media newsfeed.

Get Proper Rest

During exam time most students tend to sacrifice on their sleep with overnight studies believing that a little lack of sleep won't do any harm. But they fail to realize that their body needs to have proper rest. Just like one cannot run a machine 24/7 for it would break down similar is the case of a human body. It's after all a biological machine. If you force your body to go on without enough rest, your body will find ways to force you to rest. Moreover, over exhaustion and lack of rest lead to increase in stress levels and poor concentration.

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Eat Healthy

Your body needs to be at its full strength during exam times. You need to have a sharp mind and physical stamina to beat down the exhaustion of studying for long hours. You need to consume food that helps your memory and concentration power. It's best to steer clear of junk and oily food during this time as they induce a feeling of sleepiness. Consume more of fresh fruits, salads, almonds, walnuts and other such healthy food items. Try not to rely too much on coffee or other caffeinated drinks rather increase your intake of fresh juice and water.     

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Exercise daily

During the exam time, students are confined to a place for long hours. Their physical activities are almost none but their minds are working overtime. Indulging in physical activities act as an effective stress buster for them. Go for a run or jog early morning or late evening whenever you prefer. You could even perform some small neck and shoulder exercises while sitting with your books to help reduce the stiffness in your muscles.

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In Summation

Having a clear, relaxed mind helps one focus better on the studies. Keep a positive attitude and stick to the schedule you have built for yourself. And never forget to set realistic targets it is the key to achieving your targets. For every time you achieve a small target you will feel motivated to achieve the next and so on. And, before you realize you would have cruised the exams with easy and desired results. Keep in mind the above mentioned tips to beat the demon of exam stress in college.

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