The Best Music Genre to Listen While Studying

Like listening to music while studying? Here are some study music genre you can experiment with.

Created On: Dec 26, 2019 17:52 IST
The Best Music Genre to Listen While Studying
The Best Music Genre to Listen While Studying

Each student is a different individual and each one of us prefers a different study environment. Where some like to study alone others prefer group study while some others require absolute silence to concentrate yet some on the other hand can study without listening to music. And if you are one of those who love listening to music while studying it is very important that you find yourself the right kind of music. Listening to right kind of music can help you concentrate and elevate your mood while helping you to focus better on your studies. Whereas the wrong kind of music can lead to opposite effects by distracting your mind and leading to hampered concentration on studies. Thus to help you select your kind of study music we have mentioned below some genre that work the best as study music.

Classical Music

Some students prefer to listen to classical music. This music is quite calming and soothing to listen in background while studying. This genre works best for the people who find it hard to concentrate while listening to songs with lyrics. Classical music offers no such distractions but offers very soothing and calming effect.

Instrumental Ambient Sounds

This is the perfect music for those who prefer a modern flair in their music. The relaxing instrumental music combined with the modern music leads to the best of both worlds. There are no lyrics and just soothing, calming music. It's the perfect choice for those who don't want distractions but also need some background sounds.

Electronic Music

The perfect in between of the classical and hip-hop/rap music is the electronic music. Just like the classical music it soothing and calming and there usually aren't any lyrics. The beat and the tempo are a bit faster and its overwhelming just like the hip-hop/rap. The modern electronic music is commonly referred to as chill-out music.   


Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a step up from the electronic genre and has caught up widely among the audience over the last few years. EDM festivals attract large number of people every year. This genre of music can be classified as the ultimate pump-up music. While listening to this music you can be  attentive and focused on your studies even at late hours in night.

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Nature Sounds

This kind of music is perfect for those who aren't into the classical music genre. It helps in boosting concentration and focus as this music is soothing and calming. It engages a listeners minds at the subconscious level giving them a feel of more natural surroundings like  that of waterfall, bird songs, waves crashing on beach. It is also used with meditation sessions to help ease the person's mind so be careful while picking this genre. Make sure that you don't end up falling asleep while listening to it.

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Top Hits

If you belong to the kind who have no specific musical preferences, no favorite artists or bands but find it quite hard to work without some background music just play the pre-set playlist of the top hits on your favorite music app. Most of the songs would be latest, trending songs that you'd be familiar with as you might have listened to them on radio or heard them playing in cafes or shops you visit frequently.

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To Conclude

College students and music share a very unique relationship. Music is a constant companion in their lives and it is but natural that it becomes an indispensible part of their lives. But it is also important to ensure that is does not become a distraction in their studies. It is always good to listen to the music in background at a low volume. Also, if you can, design for yourself a study playlist so that you can just plug and play the music rather than finding the right set of songs each time you sit down to study.

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