The Tightrope Walk Of Choosing Course and College

It’s yet again that time of the year when students result have been declared & they are on the lookout for the best college and courses to fulfil their dreams. The first challenge for this is deciding which universities to apply to.

Sanskriti University BrochureIt’s yet again that time of the year when students result have been declared & they are on the lookout for the best college and courses to fulfil their dreams.The first challenge for this is deciding which universities to apply to. There are unlimited choices which are available while searching for the right course and the university. Will you study in a big city or smaller campus? Day scholar or a hosteller? Picking the perfect place and subject to study with the best facilities is not an easy task.

So here are a few tips that may come in handy while taking the right decision

Make sure you’ve chosen the right subject which best suits you

It is fundamental to be very sure about your subject. What you want to do will determine the later part of your life. To spend the next few years analysing and evaluating a specific area needs high gravity of interest.Recommendations from parents, teachers, friends, and others is highly advisable but the final decision must be yours to satisfy your interests.

Make sure you’re applying for the course, not the university

Most students pick their university choices based on the university itself and not the course they’re going to be studying, and this will rarely end well. The love for its beauty and glory is short-lived till our requirements are fulfilled. Even I was forced to join an institute from where my elders excelled but had no subject of my choice. Avoid this always go to the University , consult an expert, enquire of the course and it’s content and then take a final decision other than going by peer pressure.

Clarify whether you want to go to a practical based strategic learning university or a teaching one 

Research universities' focus on research, and teaching universities teach: to bridge the gap between these two practical orientation is a must. Industrial based learning prepares us to face the intense competition. With lectures, seminars, workshops, industrial visits one gets motivated to spend more  time for personal evaluation of the subject. This further broke down my analysis to strategic based learning provided by universities like Shiv Nadar University for Engineering, Sanskriti University for Engineering, Management and Indian Medicine, Ashoka university which offer fine arts, etc...

Check for University Accreditation and Collaboration

When I started searching for universities, I checked for the major ranks and tie ups associated with each university. This is important too to judge standards. Most universities provide the option of semester round the world or maintain tie ups with different universities and MNCs worldwide opening ventures for intellectual seminars and research. Associates of major universities include Microsoft, NIESBUD, MSME, NEN, EDII, NSDC, etc.Moreover, for me,  the student- teacher ratio is of utmost importance . The lower this ratio is, the better as in smaller batches you can ask questions and understand the topics better.

Scan through the University Library

I believe that half knowledge is very dangerous and in this age of vast information everything cannot be gained from classroom lectures.A student will have to spend a decent amount of time in the library, so it should be a comfortable environment to learn. Check up for the various authors available in the library for making reading more interesting.

Venture on extra curricular activities

Whether you’re a passionate footballer or love playing chess, you should search for events and committees in the university to make sure there’s something to match your hobby. All universities offer dozens of extra-curricular activities, and it’s important to check these out too. University life is not just about studying!

Residential provision

While choosing a university you will probably be moving away from your family for the first time. Therefore, it is essential that the accommodation you live in is nice and friendly, somewhere you can call a home away from home. Be prepared: you may have to learn how to cook, how to use the washing machine and how to do the washing up. In my experience it takes approximately 2.5 days to be best friends with everyone in the shared room.

It doesn't matter what they offer at the moment, it matters what they offer when you’re there!

Don’t obsess over finding the ‘best’ university

When I was applying I spent a disproportionate amount of time looking at for the best bidder and not the course or structural learning procedures.It wasn't helpful. If you’re going to look in detail at a metric, make it student satisfaction scores – you want to go to a university and study a course where current students are happy. You’ll realise there’s more to life and prestige, look for the best course and pedagogy and you’ll gain the most from a university where you enjoy studying and living.

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