These simple tips can help you score well in exams

With so many things to do and accomplish, it can be difficult to score marks in exams during college time but not so much with these easy tips and strategies we have brought for you.

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These simple tips can help you score well in exams
These simple tips can help you score well in exams

Only thing more difficult than getting through a good college is surviving your years there. The fans of Chetan Bhagat would know what all goes into securing that degree, thanks to all the books he has written about his own journey as an engineer in India's top college, IIT.

There is no scarcity of colleges in India but this increase in the opportunity has also brought there has also been a decline in the quality of education. This means that there has also been an increased number of students who are not able to pass or perform well in the exams.

Here, we discuss ways in which any student can score well in exams.

Start early and good

A common mistake that students across various streams make is that they think they have a lot of time in their hands to prepare for the exams. It might be true in some cases but mostly this time goes away so fast that the students find themselves facing the exams before they even realize. It's okay to spend some time doing what you like but keep in mind to balance it with studies.  It would be advisable to revise everything you have learnt in the class on that particular day itself so that you are on track. Well begun is half done, have no doubts about that!

Take help from online resources

While nothing can replace books and traditional methods of studying, online platforms like Youtube etc. which can provide you with interactive methods of learning through videos and audios.  There are many groups on Facebook exclusively made for engineers where the students share notes and queries. These social media platforms can be easily used for benefit by students.

Teach others

Teaching others can put you under the 'good pressure' of helping students who really need you to do better in the exams. Teaching others will help you to revise your own study material well. You will pay more attention min the class to be able to explain the same things to your friends or roommates.

Manage time

Multiple question exams require a long time devoted to studying. These types of exams focus on details and are not a short term thing. You cannot retain many details effectively in short term memory. Avoid cramming to avoid your anxiety and decrease your stress level. In fact, you can get a great score while you are working if you have enough time to study.

Make a schedule

Things can be easy if you create a proper study schedule so that at least academics are taken care of. Sure, there will be difficulties in managing your daily tasks, but at least you will not be clueless and know what to do next.

Here are two easy steps to make a good schedule:

1. Identify Your Learning Style

You will have to know what works best for you when it comes to learning things. Depending on whether you learn best by reading, speaking, listening or making a mind map and index card, you can choose to make your study plan. Make sure it accommodates your inherent learning habits in the best way possible.

2. Make Your Study Goals Realistic

Planning without execution is as useless as execution without planning. To make sure that none of these things happen, you need to make your goals realistic and achievable. For making that possible, you must know your definition of 'realistic'. If you go overboard and are not able to achieve what you planned to on any particular day, it will only demotivate you and stop you from doing things in the future. So, it is advisable that you set smaller goals for at least initial days and keep increasing your workload when you think you can handle it. Make a list of all the baby steps you need to take to reach your destination.

Pay attention to the 'sweet sections'

There are certain sections in every subject which make scoring easy without much hard-work. These also include the questions which are asked almost every year. You can have a look at the question papers from previous years to have a better idea of what you need to prepare. Just preparing these questions well can fetch you 40 per cent marks. Learn to balance hard-work with smart work.

Stop postponing

Procrastinating is never good for your exam preparations. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today because this will only make the to-do list longer, so much so that you won't be able to keep up towards the end.  So it would be advisable to keep preparing through the semester and accumulate everything for the end.

Work on your handwriting

We often underestimate the importance of good handwriting while writing the exam and end up getting our marks deducted. Any examiner has to go through a lot of copies and if the handwriting is illegible, it will only frustrate them more and they end up deducting the marks when they cannot understand something. Hence, practice writing so as to fetch some easy marks.


No matter what people say, marks do hold an importance and by following these tips, you can do so easily.

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